“The Flash” Season 7 Premiere Recap: Nash becomes the hero Barry needed

After a long 10 months, The Flash finally sped back onto our screens on Tuesday night with the highly anticipated Season 7 premiere. Well, it’s technically the final three episodes of Season 6 but you all get what I mean.

I’m going to stop rambling and just jump into this recap.

Barry feels the need for speed

The premiere kicks off with Barry’s speed down to just one percent and Eva McCulloch is on the rampage through Central City. Eventually, Barry’s speed is going to be gone for good but Nash and the Council of Wells come up with the plan to power the Alternate Speed Force: transferring the multiversal particles in Nash’s bodies, courtesy of all the Wellses. Simple, right? Wrong. If this happens Nash and the rest of the Wellses will die forever.

Now Nash doesn’t want to die, of course. So he tries to get Allegra to use her powers to push the multiversal particles out of his body and into the sphere. While it was a good plan, the sphere overloads and nearly hurts Allegra, so Barry intercepts all the Wellses and they are now in Barry’s brain.

This made for a truly hilarious moment and Grant Gustin sold this with some comedic stylings I didn’t know he had. My personal favorite Wells was Barry’s interpretation of Sherlock Wells and his French accent had me rolling.

Nash becomes the ultimate hero

With Barry needing speed and Eva sending a rigged plane to explode above Central City, Nash decides to make the ultimate sacrifice and die to give Barry his speed. In a truly heartbreaking scene, Gustin and Tom Cavanagh reminded everyone just how good they are as actors as Cavanagh’s Nash went through all the Wellses to tell Barry goodbye and just how much they love him.

H.R. Wells told Barry one final time: “You showed me how to be a better person and I’ll always be grateful for our friendship. Now run Barry, run!”

Never did I think hearing “Run Barry, Run” from Tom Cavanagh would make me tear up after seven seasons but it did Tuesday night.

Barry got his speed back and saved the city but the pain of losing Nash will sting as we close out the Mirror Master storyline.

Episode Notes

  • Elsewhere in the episode, Iris is still stuck in the Mirrorverse but sends an email to the other side. Judging by the preview for next week’s episode, it looks like Barry and Team Flash got it.
  • The final scene of the episode saw Eva realize she actually died that night the particle accelerator exploded and this version of her is the mirror copy. How nuts! So her entire revenge plan was for nothing.
  • As soon as Nash died in Tuesday’s premiere, I wondered if this was the last we’ve seen of Tom Cavanagh on The Flash, but it looks like no! Showrunner Eric Wallace told TVLine Wells is returning in a new form.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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