“Big Brother Canada” Season 9 Premiere Recap: It’s time to finish what they started

Big Brother Canada returned to TV screens north of the border on Wednesday night after its eighth season was cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic and, for the first time ever, there was no winner named. 

Now the house is reopening for 14 new houseguests so that Big Brother can finish what he started and name a winner. So without further ado, let’s jump into this recap for the premiere of Big Brother Canada Season 9.

A new twist shakes up the game

Host and executive producer Arisa Cox opened the show by welcoming the first two houseguests, Kiefer and Lisa. Arisa explained that Canada had chosen them as the team captains, thus revealing Big Brother has divided his houseguests into Team Defenders and Team Destiny, forcing the houseguests to be divided from the very beginning for the first time ever. 

Kiefer and Lisa watched their new houseguests enter from the secret OLG Room. Once everyone was inside, it was time to pick the teams. Tina chose Tychon, Kyle, Beth, Austin, Victoria & Tera for Team Destiny. Meanwhile, Kiefer chose Jedson, Latoya, Josh, Julie, Breydon & Rohan for Team Defender.

Now that the teams were set, Arisa had some more news for the newbies. 

“For this week, there are no Head of Household or Veto competitions but there is a team Safety Challenge and the stakes are high,” she announced. “Both captains are safe for the week as will everyone on the winning team but for those of you on the losing team, you will all be up for eviction.”

Things get messy

For the safety competition, the houseguests had to keep a bucket of “sludge” suspended in mid air as long as possible while team captains added extra “sludge” to the buckets to the players of the opposing team. 

Team Defender held on as long as they could but Team Destiny won the challenge and immunity for the week.

Episode Notes

  • The one thing that continues to bother me is Global saying they are continuing from where they left off last season. How can they do that with no one from last season’s cast on the show this year?

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Big Brother Canada continues Thursday at 8 pm ET on Global TV.

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