“Batwoman” 2×06 Recap: Ryan pushes herself to the limit with Kryptonite injury worsening

continued on Sunday night with Ryan’s kryptonite wound getting worse while Mary and Jacob found themselves in a heap of trouble after being kidnapped. 

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of 2×06, titled “Do Not Resuscitate”.

The hunt for the cure

The episode kicks off with a doctor recording data of the people who were cured by the Desert Rose flower and is told by her boss to find more of the cure and do whatever it takes. That meant sending a mentally ill patient, Amygdala, to T-bone Mary and Jacob’s car and kidnap them. 

Mary tells Amygdala that there is no more of the cure left, which left him to attack Jacob. After some pleading from Mary, Amygdala reveals more about himself. He tells Mary and Jacob that he was given experimental treatment with UV light, which caused brain cancer to develop later on. When Amygdala threatens to kill Jacob, Mary admits that there’s a map that can help him.

Get that checked out

With Mary tied up (literally), Ryan is dealing with her kryptonite wound, which is getting worse despite Mary treating her in last week’s episode. Ryan puts on the Batsuit and fights a series of thugs while still feeling pain from her wound. Angelique take her to the hospital and offers to help her in any way she needs. Later, Ryan is back at The Hold Up and offers Angelique a job but is overwhelmed by the pain she’s feeling and gets a call from a doctor, who tells her that there’s radiation in her bloodstream.

While still hiding her injury from Luke, Ryan goes to the Batcave to learn more about kryptonite. Luke arrives and fills in Ryan in on his run-in with Alice but Ryan gets a coded call from Mary and needs to save her but the pain is too much for her. She is forced to fill Luke in on her injury and everything in between.

Despite her injury, Ryan suits up anyway because she can use the map to Coryana to find a cure for her Kryptonite injury. Batwoman swoops in to save Mary and Jacob while fighting Amygdala. The False Face Society shows up and is holding Sophie hostage, leaving Batwoman to give the map to them in exchange for Sophie’s life. Luke later determines Ryan’s injury will be fatal unless they get the Desert Rose. Mary and Luke both decide they will do whatever it takes to save Ryan and find Coryana.

Episode Notes

  • Elsewhere, Alice is still dealing with Ocean. He tells Alice that he has nothing to do with Kate’s disappearance. As far as their memories go, Alice thinks they were both brainwashed and exiled from Coryana after they tried to escape with a Desert Rose.
  • Sophie bugged Angelique’s phone and overheard Angelique and Ryan break up over the fact that Angelique thinks Ryan was the one who bugged her phone.

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Batwoman continues on March 14 at 8/7c on The CW.

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