“Batwoman” 2×04 Recap: Ryan confronts her past and faces her future

After a week away, Batwoman returned on Sunday night with Ryan confronting a truly horrific person from her past and realizing why she’s the one who belongs in the Batwoman suit.

In case you missed it, here are the highlights from 2×04 titled “Fair Skin, Blue Eyes”.

Stranger danger

The episode kicks off with a young child, Kevin, going missing, which causes Ryan to flashback to a truly horrible moment in her life. Viewers see a young Ryan getting abducted by a psychotic middle aged woman nicknamed “The Candy Lady” who would take children that no one would go looking for. While stuck in The Candy Lady’s attic, she met Angelique who ended up helping her escape. 

Ryan tells Mary the whole story, explaining that she knows where to find The Candy Lady, and ends up going back to the same house that still gives her nightmares all these years later. Side note: you’d think a psychotic children kidnapper would move after all these years, right? Nope! Not in Gotham City apparently.

Anyway, Ryan tells The Candy Lady that she is there to claim Kevin but The Candy Lady sprays her and knocks her out. However, this time, Ryan breaks free from the attic and tackles her nemesis down the stairs, punching her more than a few times in the process.

“Remember me? I’m the girl you couldn’t break,” Ryan tells her in between punches.

Ryan realizes her purpose

After beating the living crap out of The Candy Lady, Ryan gets the info on Kevin’s whereabouts. Jacob went down to some shady part of Gotham, which is never a good idea, to get what he thinks is intel on Kate. He’s stunned by a gang member and now has a gun pointed to his head by KEVIN! The gang wants him to kill Jacob to “prove himself” and he looked desperate enough to do it.

Luckily, Batwoman arrives just in time to take down the goons and talk Kevin down from making a big mistake. Jacob’s life is spared and, for the first time, he appears grateful to have Batwoman back. Now, if only he felt this way when his own daughter was in the suit.

It was in this moment Ryan realized that she was meant to find the suit and become the new Batwoman, using her past experiences to help others.

Episode Notes

  • Elsewhere in the episode, Alice and Sophie — yeah I know! — are trying to track down Kate. This partnership is weird because of… well, Alice’s “wanting to kill everyone” phase and Sophie being a Crow and all. Luke shows up and decides to join them in finding Kate but I’m more concerned with how Mary will feel about this.
  • Remember Angelique? Well, she showed up in Ryan’s life again. Towards the end of the episode, she shows up at the bar and Ryan informs her she caught Candy Lady. However, there’s more of a lovers vibe between them.
  • Angelique also has a secret – she just tried to rob the lab that Sophie and Alice were just at! Something tells me this will spell trouble.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Batwoman airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW. 

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