“Batwoman” 2×03 Recap: Victor Zsasz Arrives In Gotham

Batwoman continued this week on The CW as Alice’s hunt for Safiyah turned into an eye-opening look into her past while Ryan came face to face with a legendary villain.

In case you missed it, here are the highlights from 2×03 “Bat Girl Magic”.

Alice’s reunion with Safiyah

The main plot of this episode centered around Alice and her reunion with Safiyah. Things pick up with Alice and Sophie waking up on a beach, aka the island ruled by Safiyah. Alice meets her face to face and accuses her multiple times of being the one behind Kate’s plane going down. Not the smartest move, eh, Alice?

As the two talked, we, the viewers, learned more about Alice’s backstory. It was Safiyah who found Alice on a yacht years ago and trained her, turning her into the “warrior” (or you know crazy killer) she is now. Safiyah is furious with Alice for exposing the secret of her island: the desert rose flower, which is a miracle cure for anything. We later find out that one of Mary’s patients was cured of Stage 3 cancer after taking the herb.

Safiyah holds up Kate’s necklace, telling her if she took Kate out, how did she end up with that necklace? This leads Alice to tell Sophie that she can get Kate back and we all know how desperately Sophie want her ex-girlfriend back.

Meet Victor Zsasz

Elsewhere, Ryan came face to face with Victor Zsasz, the infamous villain from the comic books. I must say, I like Batwoman‘s version of Zsasz much more than I did on Gotham. Anyway, Victor is killing a bunch of randoms and it makes no sense until Ryan gets a hold of his flash drive.

Ryan, Luke, and Mary discover that Victor works for Safiyah and is targeting all the people who have traces of the desert rose flower in their systems, after being poisoned by those bats in last week’s episode. Victor attempts to kill Mary but is ultimately stopped by Batwoman, who is now sporting a new look in an improved suit.

Episode Notes

  • I’m loving Ryan and Mary’s relationship on the show. After last season, Mary needed someone to believe in and Ryan is that hope for her.
  • Luke arrived at a certain peace with both Mary and Ryan in this episode, following a heated conversation with Mary about Kate likely never returning as Batwoman and likely being dead.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Batwoman continues on Feb. 14 at 8/7c on The CW.

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