‘Black Lightning’ Season 3 Finale Recap: Who survived the battle for Freeland?

Monday night’s season three finale of Black Lightning saw Jefferson and his team fight for Freeland, but not everyone made it out alive.

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of what went down in the season three finale.

Dying a hero

The finale would be the last time that fans would see Chief Henderson in action. Monday night saw Damon Gupton’s character die in the fight, but he would ultimately die a hero. In an attempt to save Black Lightning, Henderson stopped some of Gravedigger’s soldiers but not before being shot in the chest in the process.

Black Lightning would find his best friend, but it would be too late. Henderson would die in his arms, a fitting end to a really great character. I, for one, will miss Henderson. The relationship he and Jefferson had on the show was my second favorite aside from Jefferson and Gambie.

The final showdown

Following Henderson’s death, it was time for the final showdown between Black Lightning and Gravedigger. This was easily one of the better “final battle” scenes in the show’s three years. The action, suspense, and visual effects were all on point and very well done.

Lynn took a break from popping Green Light (or “glimmer” as it’s now called) to help her husband neutralize Gravedigger’s powers and defeat him. The Pit was set to explode and there was just enough time to get everyone out alive, but Gravedigger was left to die as the building collapsed and went up in smoke. However, *spoiler alert!* Gravedigger did not actually die; something tells me we’ll be seeing Wayne Brady’s character back sooner rather than later.

Lynn’s addiction

With the Markovians defeated, the Pierces traveled to Gotham City to testify in a hearing on the ASA’s illegal experimenting on the people of Freeland. However, before taking the stand, Lynn was poppin’ pills again. Cress Williams, who plays Jefferson/Black Lightning, says he’s happy the storyline is not going away in Season 4.

“I’m excited about doing [an addiction story] the right way,” he told EW after the finale. “That end went through quite a few different rewrites, and I was happy with what they settled on because I think in maybe even one or two of them, she didn’t pop in a Green Light, and we just kind of moved on. Anybody who knows about addiction knows that it’s not kind of like, ‘Oh I quit now,’ and it’s just easy. I think people often fall off the wagon, and it’s an uphill battle, and there are two steps forward and three steps back in the process. so I was really happy that we did that.”

With Lynn’s addiction, Tobias still on the loose, and Gravedigger being alive, season four is about to be so much fun to watch.

What did you make of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Black Lightning returns to The CW for Season 4 in October.

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