‘Riverdale’ 4×14 Recap: The mystery of Jughead’s death deepens

If you were hoping Jughead faked his death, you may be panicking after Wednesday night’s episode of Riverdale. Why? Because despite many theories floating around the internet, it looks like Jughead might actually be dead!

Confused? Let me break it down for you in this week’s recap.

The majority of the episode deals centers around Betty Cooper. Archie and Veronica are wondering why she was standing over Jughead’s body holding a bloody rock and when the teens got back home (at a really odd hour I might add), they told their parents three different stories. That’s totally convincing, guys!

Betty went back to Stonewall Prep, where Donna and Brett accused her of being so drunk she blacked out. I really cannot stand these rich snobs and I’m hoping they get what’s coming to them. Anyway, Archie and Veronica question Betty, who tearfully admits she’s scared because she doesn’t remember what happened.

So in comes Charles to put her in some sort of hypnotic trance, where Betty remembers Donna blowing something into her face. Charles said its “devils breath”, a drug to make you not remember and feel like you’re drunk. Does every single drug on this show have to be called some weird ass name? It’s hilariously awful.

Cutting to the chase: Betty and friends finally figure out that Donna and Brett are screwing with them. So Betty does the unthinkable and directs F.P. to Jughead’s body, a move that surprises Donna. You can tell by the look on Donna’s face that she’s scared. And I think she should be.

Other Thoughts

  • Elsewhere in the hour, Mary has a new girlfriend! And she recommended Archie to the Naval Academy. The fact that Molly Ringwald’s character is bisexual is pretty epic.
  • No Cheryl or Toni this week and that is just a crime. I’m surprised Toni was more concerned about Jughead considering they were part of the Serpents gang together.
  • Veronica and Hiram had a heart-to-heart with Veronica about his illness, which I’m still not 100% convinced is real.
  • The fact that Betty asked Jellybean for fake blood knowing Jughead is missing was a red flag. How did anyone not catch that?

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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