Recap/Review: ‘Good Trouble’ 2×14

On this week’s episode of Good Trouble, Callie makes a difficult decision after learning that the Anwei International case will be moving forward. Mariana struggles with her feelings for Evan while Raj bonds with her new roommate Isabella. Also, we see Alice’s relationship with Joey put in jeopardy.

So without further ado, let’s dive in to this week’s episode!


We pick up right where we left off last week with Callie stopping by the Coterie to tell Mariana she wants to move back in only to meet Mariana’s new roomie Isabella instead. Callie runs into Mariana on the way out and it’s totally awkward, which is such a shame cause these two are sisters! There should not be that much awkward tension in any of their interactions. But before Callie heads down the elevator, Mariana takes a minute to invite her sister to her app launch. At least their conversation ended on a positive note!

As a result, Callie is forced to return to Jamie’s with her tail tucked between her legs. She’s insistent on only staying at Jamie’s until she finds another place to live, although Jamie reminds her that she already has a place to live. He asks her to wait and see what happens with the Anwei International case before any drastic decisions are made, and she reluctantly agrees. 

Marcus tells Callie at work the next day that the judge ruled Anwei International can be sued in California so the case is moving forward. After learning this, Callie decides to come clean to him about her predicament with Jamie. Marcus tells her that as long as they don’t talk about the case, things should be okay. He also tells her he understands if she needs to step down for personal reasons, but she says this case is important so she’ll make it through. 

Later that night, Teresa stops by Callie’s desk on the way out and tells her that Marcus informed her of Callie’s predicament. When she hears what Marcus said, Teresa scoffs, saying that if Callie was a man he never would have offered her an out because “it never would have occurred to him that a man would or should put his relationship ahead of his career.” She also offers Callie a different kind of out: a house-sitting opportunity for six months while her friend travels for work. 

Callie makes it to Mariana’s launch party and the two of them actually get a chance to have a heart-to-heart. Callie tells her about the Jamie dilemma and Mariana offers up a different point of view, saying that one of the reasons she did move out of the Coterie was to have a quiet place to study for the bar. Mariana tells her that she shouldn’t see the situation as giving something up; she should see it as prioritizing something thats important to both of them. Nothing like advice from your sister, am I right?

Callie takes Mariana’s advice to heart and talks to Jamie later that night. She tells Jamie that she’s scared that by giving up this case she’ll be giving up a part of herself. He tells her she won’t, especially cause they won’t always be in this situation. They end up hatching a plan so that Callie feels equal in the relationship, with the biggest thing being that she’ll put 30% of her salary towards rent, just like Jamie does. 

Mariana + Raj

Raj shows up to the Coterie for date night with Mariana but finds Isabella instead. As it turns out, Mariana is stuck working on her app with Evan – and ultimately ends up having to cancel on him – so he ends up hanging out and helping Isabella put together her new shelves.

Mariana gets home and Isabella is still awake, so Mariana asks her whether Raj said anything about Evan which leads to her coming clean about having a sex dream about Evan. She says that sometimes there are these moments when she kind of gets a feeling there could be something more between them. Isabella says it’s just because Evan is her boss and she looks up to him, which is totally normal. Marian worries that Raj is going to mad at her for bailing on him, but Isabella tells her to just get naked and have sex and all problems will be solved.

So the next day, she takes Isabella’s advice and pulls Raj into their closet at Speckulate. But while the two of them are in the middle of having sex, Mariana pictures Evan and freaks out. She tries to get back in the mood with Raj, but she can’t stop picturing Evan. To bring the mood down even more? Raj drops the l-bomb in the middle of sex when Mariana wasn’t expecting it. 

As they’re leaving work that day, Mariana apologizes for not saying anything after he dropped the l-bomb. She says that it’s not that she doesn’t want to say it back to him, she just wants to save it for the right moment. 

The Activism launch goes off without a hitch! Isabella goes and finds Raj, who is looking over at Evan. “You’re way hotter than him, b-t-dubs,” she tells him. At the party, Evan pulls Mariana aside and tells her that he wants her to join him and a few investors for a drink later. She has plans but says she can swing by for a quick drink. He also tells her he left something for her on her desk, which has peaked her interest. 

Mariana goes to get her purse and finds a gift on her desk. It’s a paper weight for her desk, engraved with her name and the first line of code in the Activism app. But as it turns out, it wasn’t from Evan – it was from Raj! All Evan had waiting for her was a jump drive with the backup code for Activism. In that moment, Mariana feels more in love with Raj than ever before and decides to text Evan to tell him that she can’t join for drinks anymore. 

The episode ends with Mariana and Raj having sex, but this time, the roles are reversed. Not only does Raj picture Isabella in the middle of sex, but Mariana finally tells him that she loves him. Talk about awkward!


Alice and Joey are hanging out in bed when Alice gets a “visit” from her subconscious telling her that she needs to come clean to Joey about the whole Lindsay situation before things blow up. Joey tells her that they can’t come to Sacramento to see Alice’s show like they had hoped. Of course, Alice is upset but she’s also relieved because this means that she can put off telling Joey the truth a little bit longer.

Lindsay stops by to pick Alice up for their Sacramento road trip and ends up running into Sumi in the bathroom. Lindsay invites Sumi along, which means Alice gets stuck in the backseat. They also tell Sumi that their ex cheated on them with Joey and Sumi naturally freaks out over the gossip.

They finally make it to Sacramento and Alice and Lindsay are rehearsing for their show that night. Joey shows up and surprises Alice but now things are that much more awkward, especially since Sumi knows everything. Alice ends up pulling Sumi aside and asks her not to say anything about the Joey-Lindsay-Jenny thing as she does not want to have any drama before the show. 

The four of them have dinner together and THE TEA IS SPILLED, Y’ALL. As it turns out, their ex Jenny played both of them. I knew Joey wouldn’t willingly break up another couple!

When they return home, Alice comes clean to Joey about why she felt the need to lie about the whole Lindsay/Jenny thing. Joey says that all they need is for her to be honest about everything. So with that being said, Alice decides to tell them about her kiss with Lindsay. Joey, of course, is very upset and ends up breaking up with Alice due to the lack of trust.

Episode Notes

  • Ugh, every time they flashback to that clip of Gael telling Callie that he wishes he didn’t have to see her lying face every day, my heart breaks a little bit more. This time was no exception. 
  • Who actually says their favorite episode of Grey’s Anatomy is the plane crash?!?! It killed Lexie and ultimately Mark. NO THANK YOU.
  • I was on board with Isabella until she said cream cheese is disgusting. We can no longer be fake-friends after that comment.
  • “Frankly, your solution to everything can’t be moving out.” TRUE. Callie has moved out quite a few times over Good Trouble’s two seasons. 
  • No Davia, Dennis, Gael or Malika in this episode. Again, I like that the writers strike the perfect balance of screen time for each character but I miss the moments where we saw all of the Coterie residents together. MORE OF THAT PLEASE.

What did you think of the episodes? Let me know in the comments below!

Good Trouble airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Freeform.

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