‘Batwoman’ 1×12 recap: There’s only room for one Beth

After a three-week hiatus, Batwoman returned on Sunday night and revealed what we all guessed: there’s only room for one Beth on Earth-Prime.

Things weren’t as straight forward as you might think. So without further ado, let’s jump into this recap.

Only one can live

In case you forgot, the last episode ended with both Alice and Beth 2.0 in pain from a blinding headache. Sunday’s episode picks up just moments after that as Mary is looking after Beth 2.0, who says she knows, as an astrophysics major, that she and Alice cannot co-exist on the same Earth. So yes, one of them must die.

I really feel for Kate here. She’s lost her sister twice and *spoiler alert* would lose her a third time by the end of the episode. We’re not even finished with the first season and Kate’s already gone through some pretty emotional stuff. I can’t even fathom what she’ll go through in the second season.

Alice vs. Beth 2.0

Alice gets news that one must die after she comes to visit Kate, but comes face to face with her (other?) self. In typical Alice fashion, she wants to take care of this matter herself, so she threw a knife at Beth but Kate snatched it out of the air before it hit her.

Remember, Alice is still dying too. She heads to see Mary after her headaches get worse and she develops ear bleeding. However, does she really think Mary will help her after, you know, she killed her mother? Not surprisingly, Mary refuses to help but Alice knocks her out and attempts to steal her blood, thinking it can save her. Mary ends up waking up and knocks Alice out like the badass socialite she is and gives her blood to Kate. Now that is how a sister acts!

Kate’s decision comes back to bite her

Alice may be a psychopath but she isn’t dumb. She knew that Kate was trying to save Beth 2.0, so she calls The Crows and informs them that “Alice” was spotted at Wayne Tower. Acting commander Sophie had given the order to shoot to kill, so you know some big shit was about to go down in the last few moments. Some clever editing sees Kate visiting both Beth 2.0 and Alice, which was attempted to try and trick us who she was about to save. We see her at Alice’s bedside to say goodbye and then a flashback shows us Kate did this after injecting Beth with Mary’s blood. Clever! Very clever, edit team.

However, this decision comes back to bite Kate in this ass. Kate told Luke to get Beth to safety but The Crows began circling and Sophie had the shot to kill but couldn’t bring herself to. That’s when a gunshot goes off and Beth is shot dead. But by whom?! It was none other than plastic surgeon Dr. Campbell, who viewers know as Alice’s abductor. Why did he do it? He wanted to kill Alice as revenge for her escaping all those years ago. Talk about a big twist!

With Beth dead, Alice came back to life and she is NOT happy as she remembers that Kate let her die. Something tells me, this anger is going to continue as the season goes on.

Episode Notes

  • I think we all knew that Alice was going to live but I don’t like how fast it happened. I wanted it to be more of a build-up and see the aftermath of Kate losing her sister again. However, this is probably will be what happens in next Sunday’s episode.
  • As I’ve said, I’ve struggled with this first season of Batwoman and now it seems like the show is finally going to focus on Kate’s anger leading her fire to keep Gotham safe, much like Oliver Queen did on Arrow.
  • I do wonder if Mary will know that Kate is Batwoman? Like all these CW shows, they have more than one team member and let’s be real, Luke can’t do it all.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Batwoman airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.

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  1. I quit the show after this. I would have preferred that both Beth’s survived, but if one really had to go, it should have been Alice. Giving us Beth 2.0 and taking her away just made me hate the writers.

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