‘Arrow’ Series Finale Recap: It’s time to say goodbye

After eight seasons, Arrow wrapped up its run with a jam-packed series finale that saw fan favorites return and hinted towards what’s next for the characters as they close this chapter of their lives.

Let’s dive straight in to how each character’s story wrapped up, shall we?


With Oliver dead, the majority of the finale focused on the relationship between Diggle and Oliver. We saw several flashbacks to the very first season when Oliver was “the hood”. Remember those days? Oh, man! One of my favorite bonds on this show has always been the friendship and brotherhood between Oliver and John.

Diggle is having a tough time accepting that the mission is over but when young William is kidnapped, Diggle leads the team on one final mission to get Oliver’s son back safe and sound. The team pulls it off – did you really expect anything else in the last episode?

It was also only fitting that Diggle gave the eulogy at Oliver’s funeral. There’s no doubt in my mind that’s exactly what Oliver would have wanted.

So what’s next for the bodyguard-turned-hero? He and his family are moving to Metropolis (hint hint!) but as he was about to leave, a meteor crashes down and Diggle opens a ring box that glows green as he opens it. Hmm… it doesn’t sound like he’s leaving the Arrowverse anytime soon.


The villain-turned-hero spent the majority of the episode feeling upset and guilty that she is still alive instead of the Earth-1 Laurel that Oliver loved. This led to an emotional moment between her and a very much alive Mayor Quentin Lance. She tearfully asks him why is she still there and Quentin tells her that Oliver had nothing to fix with her.

Of course, we know Laurel will be heading to 2040 in the Green Arrow spinoff, should the series is ordered to series. I really hope it is because I wanted to see some more ass-kicking from the ladies of this show.

Roy and Thea

Ever since they went off to stop the rest of the Lazarus pits, fans have been wondering if Roy and Thea would ever get their happy ever after. Well, the show finally answered that question in the series finale and short answer, it’s a yes!

Roy apologized (at the wrong time I might add!) to Thea for basically ditching her but he says it made him realize that he doesn’t want to ever lose Thea again. He proposes on top of a roof while out trying to save William, so you can understand why she didn’t answer right away. Eventually, she says ‘yes’ and the two share a kiss. Aww! I love happy endings.


Fans finally saw the transformation Mia underwent to continue her father’s legacy. First of all, we learned the final scene from last week’s episode where future William is kidnapped happened weeks before Oliver’s funeral. But it’s in the future, so it actually happened later. Get it? No? I know, time travel is confusing!

Anyway, Mia saves young William and is praised by the city as they realize Oliver’s death has inspired a new generation of heroes. Felicity returns to meet her daughter (again?) but this time as a grown adult. You can tell the moment they shared meant a lot to both of them. Star City has nothing to worry about with Mia becoming the new Green Arrow.


At the beginning of the episode, Dinah mentions that Quinten offered her a promotion to become SCPD Police Captain. However, with no crime happening in Star City since Oliver put together the new multiverse, she feels unneeded. We see this towards the end as she chooses to leave Star City.

However, as we know, she somehow finds her way back to Star City in the backdoor pilot for the potential spin-off. I’m even more excited at how good this spin-off can be.

Felicity and Oliver

I started this final recap with one member of OG Team Arrow, so its only fitting I ended it with the other two members. After the funeral and saying goodbye to everyone, we see the final scene from Season 7 where Felicity goes off with the Monitor to see “him”. And yes, as it turns out, it was Oliver.

The two reunited at Moira Queen’s Queen Consolidated office. Oliver seems to be at peace with his decision to die and is happy to see his wife in this paradise dimension. The two will stay here forever and they finally get their happily ever after. It’s only fitting that they were the final shot of the series.

Episode Notes

  • As for Rene, he began his campaign for Mayor, which seems pointless. Lance is apparently stepping down and that will give Rene the win automatically.
  • Am I the only one who completely spaced out and forgot Emiko was part of the show last year?
  • So with Felicity going into the paradise dimension, she metaphorically killed herself, basically? Talk about an interesting way to “go out” on Earth to be with the one you love.
  • I also forgot Sara and Nyssa dated! SO much has happened on this show.
  • I’m really glad we’ll be seeing more of Diggle in the Arrowverse in the future. He is easily one of my favorite characters, behind Oliver and Thea.
  • Speaking of Diggle, GREEN LANTERN MUCH?! I’m so excited about him possibly joining the show on HBO MAX.

What was your favorite Arrow moment? Let me know in the comments below!

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