3 Questions Following ‘Black Lightning’ Fall Finale

Monday’s fall finale of Black Lightning saw Jefferson fight back against the ACA and Lynn learn the truth about the shady organization’s plans.

Here are three of the biggest questions I have following episode 3×08, titled “The Battle of Franklin Terrace”.

What will Lynn do now that she knows the truth?

Gamby helped Lynn escape ‘The Pit’ in Monday’s fall finale but not before Lynn learned the truth about the ACA’s plans. Tobias told her that the shady organization plans to weaponize the metas by pumping them with Green Light and then getting the whole city addicted to the drug, which would make even more metas in the process.

So what will Lynn do now that she knows the truth? Odell was absent from the episode, but now that Lynn knows he was lying to her the entire time, I have a feeling she’ll join the resistance with Henderson, Black Lightning and Thunder, working with them to get back at Odell.

Will the ACA retreat?

Freeland stood up to the ACA and Black Lightning became the hero that the city needed. He and Henderson took a stand in Jefferson’s old neighborhood at the Franklin Terrace apartments. The ACA is kicking out residents but Thunder, Black Lightning, and Henderson fought off the soldiers and now they plan to take Freeland back.

So will the ACA retreat from the city? Something tells me it won’t be that easy and Jefferson may need to use his powers to truly rid Freeland of the ACA scum.

Will Crisis bring Black Lightning into the Arrowverse?

This is probably the biggest question I have moving into the second half of the season. The upcoming crossover has been hyped up for a year, so something big is coming. Will Black Lightning be joining the Arrowverse? With Arrow ending in the new year, the future crossovers will be needing a new hero. I don’t see why Jefferson can fill the role. It would be cool to see Black Lightning and The Flash teaming up against some villains.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Black Lightning continues next Monday with the “Crisis of Infinite Earths” crossover.

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