‘Riverdale’ 4×05 recap: Veronica makes a big move as the Lodge’s face trial

With both of her parents facing trial, Veronica Lodge made a big move to keep one of her parents out of prison in Wednesday’s episode of Riverdale.

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of what went down.

Veronica makes a dicey deal

We’ve known for a while that Veronica is on her mother’s side and wants to save her from spending her life in prison. So she calls Archie’s mom-turned-lawyer because of course she does. She wants Hermione to change her plea from not guilty to guilty before anything worse comes out of it.

Veronica is set on doing whatever she can t ensure Hermione will never step foot into a cell. So she calls Governor Dooley and basically tells him to pardon her mother or she will release some damaging information on him. He agrees and as we see later, Hermione is pardoned.

The main issue I have with this? How can a political figure like a governor be scared of a high school student, despite her having documents that damage his career? That was way far fetched, even for Riverdale standards.

Hiram’s secret weapon

So with Hermione now pardoned, what happened to Hiram? Well, first of all, throughout Hermione’s trial, there was a young brunette watching Veronica. At the speakeasy, she talks with Veronica and it is revealed she’s actually Hiram’s other daughter (uh, what?!), Hermosa Lodge. Hiram hired her to bug the speakeasy and caught Veronica on tape with the prosecutor. So basically she has proof that Hiram was framed.

Hiram is released and the charges were dropped. He soon after announces that he is running for Mayor of Riverdale. Great, just when I thought we were done with Hiram and his antics. I just hope that he loses everything at the end of all this.

Episode Notes

  • The subplot of the episode involved Betty, who just started the Junior FBI Training Program. She soon realizes that she has the “serial killer gene” but she is not quitting the program. Instead, she’s going to keep tabs on Charles. I’ve said for the longest time that Charles isn’t who he says he is. I still say he has something to do with The Farm.
  • Are we really going to just drop the bomb that Hiram has another daughter? Who did he cheat on Hermione with?
  • This week’s flashforward saw F.P. arrest Veronica, Betty, and Archie for Jughead’s “death”. But obviously his friends didn’t kill him; in fact, he probably faked his own death. But why?
  • Speaking of Jughead, he’s still getting crapped on at Stonewall Prep. His teacher says they are looking for a ghostwriter successor for the Baxter Brothers mystery novels. After contemplating quitting, Jughead decides to enter. But this has me wondering: did that asshole guy Brett have anything to do with what happens to Jughead in the future?
  • Archie is now fighting crime at night as a vigilante. Someone call Star City – I hear they are going to be in need of a hero soon. Seriously though, it almost feels as if the writers are just looking for something for Archie to do at this point. It’s so boring.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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