3 Questions Following ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ 6×07 “I’m The Murderer”

The final season of How To Get Away With Murder is nearly halfway complete, but there are still more questions than answers about #WhoKilledAnnalise as well as what the true end game is.

Speaking of questions, here’s three I have following this week’s episode, titled “I’m The Murderer”.

What’s Governor Birkhead’s plan?

Thursday night’s episode saw Nate go ahead with the wrongful death lawsuit for Nate Sr. despite warnings from Annalise and Frank’s scare tactic. Nate is determined to get his father’s killer locked away for good, even if it means taking down the Governor.

Speaking of Governor Birkhead, viewers see her with Xavier in the final moments of the episode. It is now more clear than ever that Xavier is working with Birkhead but how closely is what we still don’t know. She asks Xavier for dirt on Bonnie, who’s name was at the bottom of the suit, and Xavier makes a call. And yes, he calls the same woman who had been spying on Annalise earlier in the episode.

So what’s the end game here? Is Birkhead planning to take down everyone in Annalise’s circle to protect her secret? This is where I wished Nate would’ve just let this one go. They’re all going to die if he doesn’t.

Can Annalise trust Robert?

It’s safe to say Annalise has gone through some SHIT (yes, all caps were needed) throughout her life. She deserves to be happy and that’s why I have a hard time believing that she’s really dead, despite her not being seen in any of the flash-forwards. They can’t do that to her, can they?

In the event that she is dead, could Robert have anything to do with it? He’s been pressuring her for another date and in Thursday’s episode, he finally got it. He invited Annalise over for dinner and she asked him why he wants to date her when they barely know each other.

After everything Annalise has been through, I just can’t see her letting her guard down to this guy and if she does, I have a feeling she’ll regret it.


This week’s flash forward only added to the confusion of what exactly went down on murder night. All we know is someone killed someone else with a fire poker. Yes, I know the show wants viewers to think it’s Annalise, but it can’t be.

Connor confesses to Oliver that he’s the one who chopped up Sam’s body way back in Season 1. A flash-forward shows Oliver confessing to a future murder despite Frank trying to pull him out of the police station, so we know he didn’t commit the murder. So who did? I guess we will have to continu

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below.

How To Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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