3 Questions Following ‘Black Lightning’ 3×07 “Henderson’s Opus”

Monday night’s episode of Black Lightning was full of striking back, both from the superhero himself and the resistance led by Chief Henderson against the NSA.

As always, I have questions. So here are three biggest ones I have after episode 3×07, titled “Henderson’s Opus”.

What will Lynn do now that she knows the truth?

As I’ve said before, Lynn has been very annoying this season. She may have taken the cake on Monday’s show though, as Gamby showed her proof that Khalil aka Painkiller is alive. But to make matters worse, the ASA is keeping him in stasis and has a chip in him to control his actions. Lynn is high as a kite on Green Light and doesn’t even realize it. So with the information that Gamby has, what will she do with it? As the episode ended, she seemed determined to do whatever it takes to “fix” him. She might want to rethink that when she realizes who Painkiller’s next target is.

How will Jefferson react to Khalil being alive?

As the episode ended, Painkiller got his next mission: kill Black Lightning. So with that in mind, how will Jefferson react once he learns that Khalil is alive? Gamby and Lynn were both stunned, but Jefferson is smart; he will likely realize that the person Khalil was is gone. He’s now Painkiller and on a mission. The second part here is whether or not they can get through to Khalil. If not, it looks like one of them will see their life end.

How will Odell return?

Despite dying in last week’s episode, it was been revealed that Odell is alive and expected to make a full recovery. So the big question here is how will he return? With his second in command taking over, I sense a power struggle between her and Odell once he does come back. And if that power struggle happens, Lynn may play a key factor in things. He’s drugging her for a reason and I feel we’ll find out sooner rather than later.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Black Lighting airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.

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