3 Questions Following ‘Arrow’ 8×04 “Present Tense”

Tuesday’s episode of Arrow saw a family reunion for the ages and well, it wasn’t the happiest times for everyone. It’s safe to say there are a lot of questions about what will happen moving forward with just six episodes left in the series. But here are three of the biggest questions I have following 6×04 “Present Tense”

Can the future be changed?

I know that I asked this question in last week’s recap, but now more than ever I’m curious about this. Changing the future was brought up on this week’s episode of The Flash and Arrow

Mia and William spilled the beans on what happens in the future, basically that Star City went to hell and JJ is now the leader of the Deathstroke gang and he killed Zoe. So with that news, Dinah, Rene, and Diggle are working hard in the present to change what happens in the future.

So does this mean The Monitor was lying to Oliver? Does he not really die? Well, I guess we’ll have to continue watching to see.

How will Mia change Oliver’s view on life?

It’s safe to say everyone’s minds were blown that Oliver not only had a daughter but now she’s a grown adult. Remember, the only person outside of Olicity that knew a baby was coming was Diggle.

Anyway, all episode, we saw Oliver and Mia struggling to get close. Towards the end of the episode, we saw the two of them have a moment at Robert Queen’s grave. Mia mentions that she has trouble letting go of the guilt over people dying and Oliver says he can help her live with that guilt.

With the news of a spin-off in the works, I wonder how Oliver will change as a result of his relationship with Mia. Is this how Mia becomes the new Green Arrow? For once, I’m actually excited about the Mia storyline and the spin-off.

Will Laurel betray Oliver?

There’s a reason that last season I nicknamed Earth 2 Laurel “Evil-But-Somewhat-Good Laurel”. At the end of the episode, The Monitor meets Laurel and tells her that he knows she misses Earth 2, but he can’t bring it back. He just needs her to betray Oliver.

So will she? That remains to be seen, but it is worth remembering Laurel was evil at one point. It’s not out of the question that she would turn on Oliver if it meant saving her Earth. But is The Monitor even telling her the truth? We don’t know much about this guy.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Arrow airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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