‘The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2’ recap: Alliances and divisions are exposed

The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 continued on Wednesday night as another Brit bit the dust but not before alliances were exposed and the divisions within Team USA deepened.

Wes’ gameplan is exposed

Wednesday’s episode picks up with Idris’ decision. Would he permanently switch to the American side or would he stay loyal to the Brits? Remember, once you switch teams, that decision is final. To no one’s surprise, Idris stays loyal to Team U.K.

Things aren’t so great for Team USA despite their season-opening win last week. You’ll remember from my recap last week that Wes was playing both sides and working with some members of Team U.K. So back at the house, Jordan calls an emergency team meeting and exposes Wes. Wes tries to deflect by discrediting Jordan, but that just leads to more distrust. Eventually, the Americans decide to be more open with each other moving forward, but we’ll see just how long this lasts.

It’s all about “Team Work”

It’s time for the next challenge but before things get started, host T.J. Lavin had some news for the group. Team U.K.’s Zahida found out her grandma passed away, forcing her to leave the game for the rest of the season. It’s important to note that Zahida did not quit. You’ll see why I bring that up later.

This week’s challenge was called the “Cryptic Crossbow” and here’s how it worked. The teams had to players to swim out and collect series of letters that were floating in the water. They must use these letters to solve a puzzle, which will give them a special code word to solve the main puzzle.

The Brits really struggled with the swimming part of this challenge. More accurately, the Americans kicked their asses. Team USA got off to a big lead and never looked back as they earned their second straight win of the season.

Killa Kam has a plan

With Team USA getting another win, they needed a new “voice” for the team. Kam chooses herself and must form the new tribunal. She picks Ashley and Paulie to be with her, making all three of them safe from elimination this week. Paulie is not happy about this because it means he can’t be part of next week’s tribunal and it’s a guys elimination week.

Kam nominating herself does not sit well with the other members of her team. She says she has a plan, but her real (and only) plan is to form a side alliance with Cara and Paulie moving forward. Kam needs to take it down a notch, or maybe five, because being overconfident this early on will lead to her being thrown in for elimination sooner rather than later.

Her plan for the upcoming elimination is to get out one of Team U.K.’s strongest girls. However, the Brits want to throw in a weak player in order to keep their team as strong as possible with two losses to their name. The obvious choices are two of the rookies Esther or Big T. Georgia makes a massive error by telling Big T that she and Nicole are close friends outside of the game. It soon becomes clear that Georgia is protecting both Nicole and Jenny in the game.

Nominations turn ugly

At Team U.K.’s nomination deliberation, Georgia quickly throws out Big T and Esther’s names. Kayleigh is not happy and brings up that Nicole and Jenny are rookies too and should also be considered. This leads to some tension among the group, but Big T is eventually voted into elimination.

Back at the house, Wes returns after leaving to get some medical attention. Bananas notices that the group was much more in sync without Wes there and realizes the true problem with the division among the Americans is Wes. It doesn’t seem like that’s good news for Wes if Team USA loses next week.

Don’t mess with my sleep

The drama this week saw the Brits being extremely loud and partying until 3 AM the night before the elimination. Faith was not having it and got her revenge by banging pots and pans at 5:45 AM to wake up Team U.K. Kyle, Bear, and Theo were all angry and got in her face until security was called to handle the situation.

Faith was not having it and some of her own teammates felt she overreacted. Did she? Probably but banging pots and pans would upset anyone at 5:45 AM.

Never play with fire, you’ll get burned

It was finally time for the elimination, but before things got started, T.J. had more news: Faith quit the show. If there’s one thing T.J. hates, it’s quitters. I wouldn’t be surprised if we never see Faith on this show ever again.

Kam, Paulie, and Ashley all vote in Georgia to face off against Big T in the elimination, which is called “Firestarter”. The ladies had to push a dumpster that is lit on fire to light their opponent’s fuse. The first one to light the fuse wins.

This elimination was epic! That dumpster looked heavy and required such physical strength to push it around through the dirt and pouring rain. After 1 hour and 45 minutes, Georgia would light Big T’s fuse and ultimately win the elimination.

Then, Georgia had to decide if she would switch teams, but she ustuck with her country and remained loyal to Team U.K.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 airs Wednesday’s at 9/8c on MTV.

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