‘Scream: Resurrection’ recap: Major character killed as Deion’s past comes to light

Scream: Resurrection continued on Tuesday night. Some major characters met their fate and one member of the group became extremely paranoid.

The opening hour began with a freaky dream sequence which saw Ghostface ‘kill’ Mia in bed next to Deion, before he woke up scared for his life. Ghostface calls Deion and tells him he needs to go back home if he wants to find out the real truth of what’s going on. He also informs him that Shane is dead, but he and the rest of the group don’t seem care about that last part, which is so funny to me.

Anyway, Deion steals Mia’s car and goes back home alone to face Ghostface. Obviously, it’s a bad idea and the rest of the group track him on their phones and follow him. They find Deion but he gives the group the slip, leaving Kym, Manny and Beth stranded with a slashed tire.

Beth freaks out because in horror movies, if you get stranded then you end up #DEAD. To make things worse, some racist assholes run Kym off the road; later, Manny shows up to help, breaking one of the guys arms and sending the group off running. Manny goes into the cornfield to find Kym and that’s just a bad idea. Ghostface finds him, traps him in a car, and lights it on fire, which makes the car explode. Manny is dead and is our first major character to die. Or is he? More on that in a moment.

Meanwhile. Deion arrives at the same junkyard where Marcus was killed all those years ago. He has an encounter with Luthor, who explains what truly happened. Marcus went to hide in the truck of a car and ended up suffocating to death. Six months went by before Luthor found him, giving him a proper funeral. Ghostface has a bone to pick with Luthor and crushes him to death in a car compactor. I have questions about this too.

The second hour begins with Manny’s funeral but things go from sad to scary in a hurry. Ghostface leaves a note in the flowers, saying they need to pick one of themselves to die later that night. Liv shares a theory that the killer is one of their own. They decide to spend the night with each other in order to make sure everyone is safe. Deion and Liv get together, Amir goes to visit Beth at home, which turns out to be a funeral home. Creepy.

Ghostface reveals someone nominated Deion to die, which freaks everyone out. Meanwhile, Deion finds a secret drawer in Liv’s place; in there, he found a receipt for flowers Ghostface sent to the funeral. It’s sketchy for sure but Liv shoots back that she told her dad that Deion had a gun in his bag. Speaking of Liv’s dad, he goes for a ride with Deion and tells him Liv’s had some bad behavior ever since her parents got a divorce. Ghostface shows up and stabs him and knocks out Deion.

Following some sexy fun with Beth, Amir reveals he is the one who nominated Deion to die. Ghostface sends him a text and kills him in a gruesome way with an elevator. Yeah, its not a pretty picture. The episode ends with the police showing up to arrest Deion for the attempted murder of Liv’s dad.

Killer Theories

So with four episodes down and two to go, who is the killer? One of my theories is no longer valid since Amir is dead, so here we go with my final predictions.

Manny: I know, I know. Manny was burned to death in an exploding car on Tuesday night. But here’s the thing: we never saw the body. On this show, you never count anyone out unless you see the corpse on screen. He could have easily gotten out of the car before it exploded and just pulled this stunt to take himself off everyone’s radar.

Beth: She knows a lot about how horror movies work and that is a big red flag to me. When Manny ran to help Kym in the opening hour, Beth was held up because she “twisted” her ankle. When she returned to the group, she was walking just fine. She was in the closet with Amir at the school in Monday’s episode, but there could be two killers.

Deion’s mom: This one is more out there. But what if the killer is Deion’s mom? Ghostface attacked Luthor, who Deion blamed for killing Marcus. Amir nominated Deion to die and was killed. So could his mom be doing all this to protect her son from his friends? It would be a twisted way to end this season.

Two killers: I have a strong feeling there are two killers and if this is the case, I’d say it’s likely to be Beth and Manny. I’m not sure what the motive is, but they are the most suspicious of the bunch.

Who do you think the killer is? Let me know in the comments below!

Scream: Resurrection concludes tonight with a two-hour season finale at 9/8c on VH1.

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