‘Good Trouble’ 2×04 recap: Davia’s mom reopens old wounds

After a week of being MIA, Davia and Dennis returned in this week’s episode of Good Trouble and got a special visit from Davia’s mom. Plus, Callie got a new job and Mariana’s work relationships got even more complicated.

Okay, enough talk; let’s dive into this recap.

Davia’s mom visits and causes trouble

The main storyline revolved around Davia, Dennis, and Davia’s mother, Bonnie. Right off the bat, Bonnie pisses me off as she is very focused on Davia’s plus-size body – and plus-size women in general – and is food conscious. Davia can’t stand to be around her, but she knows she has to see her mother while she’s in town so she agrees to dinner.

Davia asks Dennis if he’ll join them, but he’s hesitant at first. As we learn in flashbacks, Dennis slept with Bonnie the last time she was in town, right when he moved into the Coterie. So yeah, probably not the best idea. But he can tell it’s going to do some damage to Davia, so he relents and surprises them at the restaurant.

While at dinner, Bonnie makes some very offensive and passive aggressive remarks to her daughter about weight and food.

“Are these body positive people really proud of their plus-size selves or are they just pretending to be to justify overeating and being unhealthy?”, she asks Davia.

Then, Bonnie drops a bomb and asks Dennis if he would ever date anyone plus-size. He says he would, but then she keeps pressing the issue by asking if he has dated anyone who is plus-size. He hesitates, and she says that people say a lot of stuff in theory but don’t actually follow through with it.

Bonnie’s message really hurt Davia because once she and Dennis return to the Coterie, she breaks down. We find out her mother’s comments is what drove her to become anorexic, dropping all the way down to 90 pounds at one point. Watching this made my blood boil and it’s no wonder why Davia doesn’t want to go home, I wouldn’t either if my mother was that mean.

Callie’s new job

After Callie quit Judge Wilson’s clerkship last week, I was wondering if we would see Wilson again or if we would be moving on from that part of the show. Well, we got our answer in Tuesday’s episode as Callie got a brand new job and it seems everyone from her former job has been left in the past.

Callie gets a job as a research assistant at Legal Aid. After a just few days on the job, she is already causing trouble. Well, sort of. As we learn in flashbacks, Callie and Malika had served Joseph’s apartment complex a demand letter, letting them know they had 48 hours to fix the broken elevator that had been causing tenants issues or they could lose their license to operate. Any repercussions shouldn’t have fallen back on Joseph as Callie didn’t put his name on it, but Malika made a comment to the superintendent about Joseph being her father while she was visiting him so that’s that.

Since Joseph getting evicted was partly Callie fault, she wants to make the situation right. Callie tell one of her bosses about what she did, which leads to him getting his partner involved. Luckily, they’re able to rectify the situation, as long as Joseph pays the $800 he owes in past due rent in the next 30 days. Malika offers to help out, but he refuses.

So Issac gets involved. He goes to Joseph’s place and offers to loan him the money. “You said you haven’t been there for her for years,” Issac tells him. “Well if you want to be there for her now, you’ll take this money and you’ll lift the burden off of her.” But the truth is that Issac and Malika were in cahoots the whole time and Issac actually gave Joseph part of Malika’s savings, knowing that Joseph wouldn’t take it from Malika herself.

Mariana’s work troubles

Last week, we saw that Mariana’s app accidentally doubled the money collected. Now, she wants to sacrifice her own pay to make things right but Raj tells her that she shouldn’t have to do that and offers to. Gina sees Raj squeeze Mariana’s hand in this scene and just how the two of them are together in general, which leads her – and the rest of the Byte Club women – to confront Mariana about her and Raj’s relationship later on.

Mariana decides to come clean to Evan about the money issue, but as it turns out Raj already did. Raj even offered to have the missing $10,000 covered by his pay. But Evan decides to step in and says he will make up the $10,000 himself.

At the end of the episode, Evan asks Mariana to drinks – just the two of them. Mariana accepted, but obviously felt pressured. This again makes me wonder what are Evan’s true intentions with Mariana. He clearly made Angela bring up the no dating policy in last week’s episode because he saw Raj and Mariana kissing. So why is he still going after her? Going out to get drinks alone with your employee doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Episode Notes

  • Callie’s new job at Legal Aid seems to be the perfect fit for her. She said she wants to make a welcome change and seems to be doing so, despite causing some trouble early on. Although I will miss Judge Wilson a lot, I feel this is a great new angle for the show moving forward.
  • It could not be more obvious in this episode that Evan is giving Mariana special treatment. He is socially awkward and it was sweet the way he asked Mariana out. So I do hope Evan’s intentions are good but going off his history, I highly doubt that.
  • Speaking of Mariana, I feel like she is the odd one out this season so far. The main two points have been Callie and Dennis/Davia. It feels like she’s out of the picture, kind of like she was on The Fosters. Maybe I’m reading too much into it but we’re still early on in the season.
  • Can Malika really trust Joseph? We barely know anything about him and we don’t know why he is two months behind on rent. I know the writers aren’t trying to paint him in a bad light, but considering some of the other stuff our characters are dealing with, should we be cautious?

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Good Trouble airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Freeform.

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