‘America’s Got Talent’ recap: Which acts survived the second round of Judge Cuts?

America’s Got Talent continued on Tuesday night with the second round of judge cuts. 18 more acts battled to impress the judges enough to earn a place in the live shows.

Joining the judge’s this week as a special guest judge was three-time NBA champion Dwyane Wade, who also is judge Gabrielle Union’s husband. He was given the important task of hitting this week’s Golden Buzzer.

So who went through? Here’s a recap of all the performances as well as the results.

Bir Khalsa Group

The first act of the night was danger act Bir Khalsa Group. The trio from India impressed the judges in their audition by smashing coconuts with one of their guys laying on the ground.

They returned on Tuesday and stepped up their game as they brought out a massive spike, coconuts, and a gigantic block of ice. They smashed the ice and the coconuts with a giant sledgehammer and had the audience and judges in shock.


The girl group from Canada returned to the stage with something to prove to judge Simon Cowell. They performed an original song titled “Simon Says”, which was okay but in my opinion, it was really a step back. Judge Howie Mandel seemed to agree, saying: “All I heard was ‘Simon’ and ‘jump’. To me, this isn’t enough to go through.”

Dom Chambers

I was excited to see the Australian magician again after he made several beers appear out of nowhere in his audition. But I was really let down by him this round. He used Siri to make cards appear and poured judge Julianne Hough’s favorite drink. The act felt really drawn out and I feel he needed to be better.

Lamont Landers

The singer was cocky in his first audition, and it really rubbed Simon the wrong way. It made me question why he made it to the Judge Cuts round in the first place. He came back this time and performed Pink’s “Walk Me Home.” Honestly, I was bored. He sang the song with little emotion and passion. If it was up to me, I wouldn’t put him through into the live shows.

Alex Dowis

The artist had what I thought was the second best act of the night with his truly amazing light art. He painted the first moon landing in the dark and gave us an act we have rarely seen before. If I was judging, I’d put him through easily. The live shows deserve to have his talent at the Dolby Theatre.

V. Unbeatable

This was easily the best act of the night. The dance group was impressive in their first audition and returned Tuesday night to deliver a performance like their lives depended on it. They flipped through the air, used props, and did a trick from behind the judges desk that had everyone on their feet. In my 14 years of watching this show, this might be the best dance group I’ve seen perform on the show. Dwyane Wade agreed as he hit his Golden Buzzer, sending them straight into the live shows.

Robert Finley

The 65-year-old singer came back this round and performed another original song. After impressing the judges the first time, having another standout performance was key. He sang “Medicine Woman” and had the audience, judges, and host Terry Crews dancing. I’ve loved Robert since his audition and hoped he would make it through.

Valerie Sassyfras

This was easily the worst Judge Cuts act in the history of the show. She literally sang the exact same song as her audition and her song included the lyrics, “I’m horny and I’m lazy”. For a family show, that probably was not the best song to perform. Basically, it was a waste of four minutes.

Ryan Niemiller

The comedian was the final act of the night, and proved once again that he is not letting his disability define who he is. He performed a hilarious set as he discussed dating with a disability.

The Results

After all the acts had performed, the judges all deliberated about who should advance to the live shows. They would decide Dom Chambers, G Force, Robert Finley, Bir Khalsa Group, Alex Dowis, and Ryan Niemiller would join V. Unbeatable for the live shows in three weeks.

Did the judges make the right decision? Let me know in the comments below!

America’s Got Talent continues next Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC with the next round of Judge Cuts featuring guest judge Ellie Kemper.

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