Recap: ‘Good Trouble’ 2×01 “Percussions”

Good Trouble’s season two premiere, entitled “Percussions”, highlights everything that makes this show so freakin’ good. It eloquently tackles serious issues like police brutality and inequality in the workplace and yet somehow is able to balance it with the hilarity of some millennial #firstworldproblems, like realizing your boyfriend is not circumcised. 

So let’s break down this episode, shall we?


When we last saw Callie, she was anonymously receiving Officer Griffin’s personnel file. And then, the next thing we see is the prosecution asking Judge Wilson to enter the same personnel file into evidence. Coincidence?

Callie tells Jamie that she thinks Wilson suspects her of taking the files from his office and giving them to Malika. She tells Jamie that she did no such thing, but does admit that someone sent them to her anonymously. Jamie lays into her, telling her that “reckless behavior, as righteous as [she] think[s] it may be, has real consequences.” 

We later see that Callie tries her best to convince Wilson to let the personnel files in to evidence. Although he still seems fixated on the fact that she somehow got her hands on these files, Callie boldly calls him out, saying, “You may think you’re not an activist judge, but you have consistently protected the police as an institution, regardless of the actions of individual officers. There is no such thing as an impartial judge, on the left or the right. You choose conservative precedence, not because you have to but because you want to.” 

On the one hand, I commend Callie for sticking up for what she believes in. But she also has to learn professional boundaries. Nobody should talk to their boss that way, no matter whether you agree with him not. It wouldn’t surprise me if Callie got fired over this.

On the romantic front, Callie’s exactly where we left her in the season one finale: choosing between Jamie and Gael. After Jamie makes his comments about Callie’s “reckless behavior”, Callie basically tells him to get lost and leaves to go sulk at the Coterie. 

But before Jamie shows up to apologize for his earlier comments, Callie and Gael have a little moment. She kisses him – kind of out of nowhere – and before things can escalate too quickly, Gael pulls away, saying he doesn’t “want to be this drug that numbs” her out. He continues on, saying, “When, and if, this is real, let me know. But please don’t use me because you don’t want to deal with whatever’s bothering you. It’s not fair, Callie.”

Although this breaks my freakin’ Callie/Gael loving heart, Gael’s right. Callie’s using Gael and it’s not fair to him. I’ve said it before and I have no problem saying it again: Callie is selfish and if she’s not careful, it could end up costing her.

As I mentioned earlier, Jamie shows up after Gael disappears and apologizes to Callie. Callie apologizes too, but I have a feeling that’s more about her cheating on him with Gael moments earlier than it is about what she said to him earlier that day. Jamie tells her that admires her passion for social justice and that he just wants to protect her because he loves her! 

For now, it seems like Callie’s content in her relationship with Jamie. I mean she should be; he told her he loved her for crying out loud! But we also know Elijah comes back into Gael’s life this season and I have a feeling Callie’s going to have some feelings/opinions about that.

A Verdict in Jamal’s Case… And the Aftermath

With just about 6 minutes left in the episode, we get the long-awaited verdict in the Jammal case. I honestly thought they’d drag out the Jamal case a few more episodes, especially considering how integral this case has been in establishing the show. However, that’s not the case. While Wilson admitting Officer Griffin’s file into evidence seemed promising, things unfortunately go as expected. Officer Griffin is found not liable on complaints of excessive force and failure to provide critical care.

Malika’s experiencing a mix of emotions after the verdict and understandably so. On the one hand, it seems like she’s feeling comforted and loved by her fellow Coterie residents, who show up outside the courthouse to help protest the verdict. But on the other hand, she’s extremely angry. And her anger leads her to make a rash decision.

In the heat of the moment, Malika steals Callie’s work ID and heads up to Judge Wilson’s office. When she reaches his door, she hesitates for a moment but ultimately decides to open the doors before the episode fades to black.

So now we know why the federal marshalls were coming after Callie in the beginning of the episode. I suspect that Callie is going to unfortunately face the brunt of the situation, but I hope that Malika doesn’t suffer too much. But we also don’t know what happens when she enters Judge Wilson’s office so all bets are off for the time being.

Davia and Dennis

First off, I have to say that I loved how Dennis playing the drums underlined the whole episode. It’s such a small creative decision but one that I think makes the episode so much stronger.

Anyway, Dennis comes home from the hospital and Davia is trying to be there for him. But Dennis just keeps insisting that everything is fine.

Eventually, Davia just comes out and asks him if there was something suddenly that made him want to kill himself, but he just brushes it off, saying that it wasn’t that sudden. She asks him to promise her that he’ll come to her if he’s feeling suicidal again, and he does. But all Dennis seems to be concerned about is Davia’s relationship with Jeff (yes, we’re still unfortunately dealing with him). 

I know we’re heading towards Davia and Dennis seemingly becoming more than just friends. I’m being honest though, I still don’t know how I really about this. One of the things that I loved most about season 1 was their friendship was the evolution from enemies (or at least people who didn’t get each other) to friends. I also loved that it showed that it doesn’t have to be sex or nothing between two people of the opposite sex; guys and girls can just be friends. However, I’m willing to give it a chance and see how this all plays out.


Things are nowhere near as dire for Mariana in this first episode back. We see that her and Raj are together and seem to be committed for the long haul (*cue fangirl squeals*). But not everything is butterflies and rainbows. After what is presumably their first hookup, Raj gets out of bed and Mariana notices that he’s not circumcised. She freaks out so she does what every millennial girl does: text her friends for advice. 

However, when Raj comes back over the next day, Mariana is too aggressive in their sexual activity and ends up even hurting poor Raj. It’s not a big deal though. They end up talking it out and everything is good with our favorite nerdy couple.

Another issue for Mariana this season is who’s going to be on her team for her new app. As we learned in this episode, her female co-workers assume that it’s going to be comprised of solely women, but Mariana already asked Raj (in bed no less) if he’d be a part of it.

Episode Notes:

  • Jamie walking in on Mariana getting dressed was so awkward yet so funny. Definitely in the top 10 funniest moments of the show so far.
  • Seeing Dennis playing the drums makes me realize that I still have so many questions about Dennis’ music. So he’s pursuing this full time now, right? Why have we never seen him play a gig? Also, where did his interest in music stem from? And what made him decide on music as a career after ditching his corporate job?
  • I love that the group text between the Coterie girls is named “Coterie Biatches”.
  • Alice’s video to Joey about coming out to her parents was the best thing I’ve ever seen. Alice is a precious bean that needs to be protected at all costs. 
  • I will never be able to see that water toy the same way again. 
  • I really hope that at some point this season everyone find out about Dennis almost killing himself and being in the hospital as a result. I just feel like that was such a turning point for Dennis as a character 
  • I looooooove Mariana and Raj, but I also really love the idea of Evan and Mariana. Sue me.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Good Trouble airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on Freeform.

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