Exclusive Interview with The 100’s Marie Avgeropoulos

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Season 6 of The 100 finds everyone on a new planet hoping to survive. However, this new planet is dangerous and constantly seems to be testing everyone’s character.

I had the opportunity to speak with with Marie Avgeropoulos, who plays Octavia Blake. Marie talks about what’s in store for her Octavia this season and what she’s nerding out about. Read on for more of the interview!

So we know Season 6 of The 100 has Octavia off to a sort of rocky start. The rift between her and Bellamy intensifies and she’s left to figure it out on her own, while also being in survivor mode. Can you tease anything about what other types of barriers and challenges she may overcome during the rest of this season?

The barriers Octavia will face this season are incredibly profound. After shedding the armor and skin of Bloodriena, she has to face her sins, and the demons within. It will certainly take an emotional toll on her to figure out who she really is beneath the pain and choices she had to make in the bunker. Sometimes the worst battles are with yourself.

Will we get the chance to extensively know more about Octavia’s time during the dark years sometime this season, and will it get us more perspective on what really went down coming from her?

There is one episode this season coming up that really paints a painful picture to the audience on what horrific events and difficult choices she was forced to make during the dark year. It’s also my personal favorite of the season for Octavia’s storyline.

It looks like it’s a season of healing and redemption for Octavia and Bellamy’s relationship, as he’s decided to shut her out and not care as much. At some point in time, will we be able to have them actually talk and work it out? The love is still there!

Every sibling has experienced some sort of rivalry at some point, at least I certainly have of being the youngest of four in my life. Octavia has lost the trust from ultimately everyone that she will be the demise of their survival and peace once they depart earth. In his eyes, leaving her behind was the best choice he could make for his people, although it broke her heart. Again we find her alone, on a dangerous planet with Diyoza, who may or may not become an unexpected ally. It is hard to believe since they were both enemies running apposing armies last season.

What’s one quality Octavia admires the most about her brother and will it be something that can help her gain forgiveness and call a truce with him?

I think she understands the decisions he has had to make in the past that were challenging and others were not in favor of, and she has to do the same. This quality is relatable for her and ultimately, I think she knows she can pull on his heartstrings since blood is thicker than water.

How would you describe her relationship with Diyoza this season? Do you think they might find a common ground between each other that will allow them to move forward and trust each other since she did come to the rescue in last week’s episode? Maybe even form a new friendship/alliance?

The only thing they have right now is each other, regardless of their troubled and bloodlust they both had out for each other. They have a lot in common, whether or not Octavia wants to believe it. Their journey this season is one of my favorite nominations Octavia has had during the wild ride of the show. The writers are always keeping me guessing and challenging me in this role and I am incredibly grateful.

What is your favorite aspect of Octavia’s arc this season?

You will see a metamorphosis occur within her character once again, but this time it takes an unexpected turn. She still is a self sufficient warrior with a tough exterior – however ,her inner-redemption is a key part of the storyline.

Can you describe what Octavia’s worst flaw may be? And do you think it’s something that can be redeemed?

Octavia is incredibly impulsive. There are times when this has been detrimental to certain dangerous circumstances, however there’s been other times where she was the first one to rectify a situation.

We know that Lincoln was Octavia’s first love earlier on in the show, and his fate crushed her just like it crushed us all. Do you think she might be able to move forward and open herself up to a new love interest now? Anything you can tease regarding that?

I think her heart is so closed off since his death that it sent her into an unforgiving dark place that is nearly impossible to climb out of. I am looking forward to the fans seeing how it unfolds.

What helps you as an actress get into the character of Octavia? Do you have specific routine you do to prep yourself? We would love to know because your delivery and performance on screen are fantastic!

There are a lot of things I do to prepare to step into her mindset and tell her story. Everything from plenty of stunt rehearsing and sword training. I try to relate the feeling she is experiencing emotionally from a time where I perhaps did in my personal life and pull from that. Sometimes it’s not the healthiest thing for me emotionally but I suppose that’s part of being an honest storyteller that is believable.

If you could have more scenes with the other ladies on the show, who would it be and why?

Our cast is so large that there are plenty of others I would have loved and love to work with. I can’t just choose one since the characters are so dynamic and talented. We have a great ensemble that makes the show so enjoyable to watch.

Can you tease what your favorite episode of this season is in 3 words?

Darkness. Sin. Redemption.

Since we are called Talk Nerdy With Us, what do you nerd out about  these days? It can be anything!

I love to shoot stick!  I have a billiards table at my house. Is that nerdy? Angle of incidence = the angle of reflection. OK, that was nerdy.

The 100 returns next Tuesday, June 11th for an all-new episode at 9/8c on The CW.

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