WCW: Carla Gugino

This week’s #WCW goes to the indelible, Carla Gugino.

If you don’t instantly recognize her name, you’ll definitely remember her work from such films as Spy Kids, Night at the Museum, Sucker Punch, and San Andreas. With a career spanning the past thirty years (she starred in her first film in 1989), Carla has also starred in a plethora of TV shows including Entourage, Californication, and most recently, Netflix’s horror hit, The Haunting of Hill House, arguably one of her best roles to date.

It’s exciting to watch Carla tackle each role with the same vivacity and determination, her innate warmth penetrable through the screen. She refuses to be typecast or pigeonholed, jumping from genre to genre, blockbuster to indie, versatile as ever.

Carla is incredibly passionate about her work, eagerly choosing roles which are not only captivating but prove to be complex. As she’s worked in the business since she was a teenager, she’s watched the slow progression of female roles grow increasingly more fleshed out and she’s able to add even further depth to those characters with her innate talent.

If her impressive filmography wasn’t enough, she also harbors a love for the stage, having performed in three Broadway and one off-Broadway plays.

While many actors debate whether or not social media benefits both themselves and their audience, Carla utilizes Instagram and Twitter with ease, acting as a beacon of positivity — something that is certainly needed in today’s digital and turbulent world. Her short, witty captions and sweet blurbs are always the best, especially when paired with snaps of her dog, Melville, photos from her everyday life, or simply of things or films she enjoys. Her happiness and kindness are contagious as is her love for what she does.

You’ll be able to watch her next in Cinemax’s Jett, where Carla stars as former thief (and mastermind) Daisy ‘Jett’ Kowalski. Newly out of prison, she aims to set things right before abandoning a life of crime to raise her daughter. It premieres in June. 

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