Recap: Good Trouble 1×06 “Imposter”

This week’s episode of Good Trouble has everyone questioning, in some shape or form, whether they are living their true, authentic lives or whether they are just imposters. It is the show’s most vulnerable episode to date, but definitely one of my favorites.

Should Callie tell the truth?

After getting some advice from her moms during their visit over the weekend, Callie decides to start her week off right by disclosing to Judge Wilson that she lives with someone who is friendly with Sandra Thompson. The whole time, and leading up to the actual conversation, she really fears that she’s gong to get taken off the case, or worse, that she’ll be fired. But that doesn’t happen; in fact, she gets to keep her case because of her candor. On her way out of his chambers, Wilson stops her and asks her not to tell Ben and Rebecca about his son not studying abroad. Callie, who has clearly decided honesty is the best policy, tells him she mentioned it to them and again fears for the safety of her job. But Judge Wilson doesn’t put up a fight and lets her leave, as if the last minute hadn’t just happened. 

Callie comes clean to Ben about the whole thing too, even though she didn’t need to because Ben had already figured it out on his own and was literally moments away from outing Callie. Clearly feeling threatened by Callie and the upper-hand she seems to have in that moment, Ben takes this as an opportunity to play mind games with her; he casually mentions that whatever she has on Wilson must be good as the clerk prior to her got fired for just liking a tweet.

Now that Callie is in her head, she goes to Jamie for advice: should she mention that she saw the ankle bracelet on Wilson’s son, in case it’s a conflict of interest? Jamie advises her not to mention it for now, but offers to find out what he did that got him in trouble. As it turns out, he was arrested for DUI, possession and assaulting a police officer, but it was at Berkley so it should present no problems. But, this is TV, so does any piece of good news ever last that long? Of course not! We learn at the end of the episode that the chief of police at Berkley is accepting a new position as the head of LAPD. This should present a lot of moral quandaries for Callie in the weeks ahead and I’m ready to see our girl tackle it head on. 

Mariana’s had enough of Speckulate’s toxic work environment

Poor Mariana. Not even a fun costume party in honor of Speckulate’s 5th anniversary can turn things around for her on the work front. 

As per usual, Alex isn’t letting her be a part of Speckulate’s new top-secret project because he doesn’t feel her work is up to snuff. It’s left her feeling like an imposter, like, as she describes to Callie, “you tricked someone into hiring you and you’re just waiting for them to realize that you are not as good as everyone else.”

But that’s not the only thing going wrong for her at work. Things have gotten awkward with Raj, the one friend she thought she could be her true self around. Raj asks for Mariana’s help on his part of the social network, so she invites him over to The Coterie that night to work on it. She easily identifies the problems because there is nothing she can’t do. Raj tries to kiss her, but Mariana immediately pushes him away. 

He apologizes at the party, saying he misread all the signals. Mariana accepts his apology at first but ultimately decides to stand up for herself. “Did you really think that asking me to help you with your work and telling me that I have such great ideas and then trying to kiss me wouldn’t make you look like your complete full of crap? And make me feel even more disrespected and vulnerable than I already do around here? Sorry, but sorry doesn’t cut it.” I’m proud of Mariana for finally sticking up for herself and sharing how she really feels, even if poor Raj had to bear the brunt of it.  

Fed up at the entire situation, Mariana goes and finds Casey in the bathroom and the two continue to bond over their daily struggles as women in the tech industry. Mariana suggests that they, and the rest of the women at Speckulate, form a club, where they can support one another. At the end of the episode, we see Mariana is taking charge and sending an email to all of the women at the company with her idea. That’s our favorite go-getter.

Gael takes a stand

This episode continues to show Gael having to choose between doing something he loves, but not being as secure financially, and being more secure financially, which means less time for his art but also being able to help out his loved ones in times of need.

Gael has a chance to take a full time job with Speckulate and he’s considering it because the money is good. But his sister Jazmin, who can barely seem to hold a job herself, feels like Gael would just be falling in to a trap and forget about his job.

But what Jazmin really wanted to speak with Gael about is finding a lawyer, which she needs in order to change her name and gender marker. Normally, it wouldn’t require a lawyer. However, she has a felony which makes it harder. Gael brings Jazmin to meet Callie to help and she, of course, agrees to help in any way she can. 

Everything, for the moment, seems fine and dandy. Jazmin has a new job as a caterer and gets to work the party at Speckulate; from what Gael initially observes, it seems like maybe this will be a job she can hold without bringing any drama upon herself. But then Jazmin takes issue with her boss when he says he won’t give her any new work because she “lied” to him about her name. Gael, seeing the unfair bullshit she puts up with first hand, stands up for her, even going so far as to call her boss a bigoted asshole. 

Needing legal advice that goes beyond Callie’s experience, she brings in Jamie to help Jazmine. He thinks Jasmine has a real case, but it costs a lot of money. Gael offers to pay as he’s going to take the full time job at Speckulate. This is just the beginning of Jazmin’s fight for justice and I’m excited to see it play out.

Episode Notes:

  • Was it just me or did this week’s episode feature a lot of the flashback storytelling? I typically enjoy it, but the flashbacks within flashbacks were a little too much at times.
  • I have really enjoyed seeing that Callie and Jamie’s flirty banter has carried over from The Fosters series finale. But my heart absolutely broke for Gael when he saw Callie and Jamie kissing. Callie + Gael FOREVER.
  • Evan and Mariana’s conversation about the mold and puss on cheese is probably the most awkward yet hysterical thing I’ve seen on TV.
  • Also, is it just me or is anyone else actually kind of digging Evan and Mariana? Mariana told him that she didn’t find him boring and, based on the way he looked at her, you would have thought she hung the moon.
  • That end scene with Dennis and Davia was one of the most hauntingly beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I’ve gone back and watched it at least a hundred times and have cried every single time. I want them to release that song as a single because I need to continue listen to it on repeat.
  • The lack of Alice was very apparent. MORE ALICE PLEASE.

What did you guys think about the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Good Trouble airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on Freeform.

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  1. The Song is Called ‘Danny’s Song. Loggins – Messina’ … it’s not the same obviously as they sang it but still great.

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