Kären McCormick Releases New Single “Dancing With Him Tonight”

Kären McCormick’s newest single “Dancing With Him Tonight” embodies everything that is good about pop-country. 

Her third single talks about how meeting a new man is sometimes the quickest way to get over a previous relationship. About the song, Kären told Taste of Country, “’Dancing With Him Tonight’ is about a person coming into your life and having such an impact on you that you do the things you wouldn’t usually do.”

The sultry tone of “Dancing With Him Tonight” makes it the perfect song to take a spin around the dance floor to with that special someone. If this is the musical path Kären continues to go down, she’s setting herself up to have quite the successful career. 

“Dancing With Him Tonight” is currently available on iTunes and Spotify. You can also read my previous interview with Kären here.

For more information, visit Kären’s website or follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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