Tiera Releases New Single “Love You For That”

Tiera’s voice is made for country music and it shows in her latest single, “Love You For That.”

Written with John Miller and Hannah May Allison and produced by Grady Saxman, the song talks about someone loving you despite all of your flaws. About the song, Tiera said, “My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years and there are times when I question how he puts up with me! I can be a little hard to deal with sometimes, but he still loves me no matter what. That’s where this song stemmed from.”

As I mentioned earlier, there is no denying that Tiera’s voice is country-till-you-die. With honest, relatable lyrics and Tiera’s smooth country twang, “Love You For That” is reminiscent of old-school country but has a fresh, modern spin. If you’re anything like me, you won’t be able to stop listening to this song once you start.

In addition to releasing this new single, Tiera will be one of 21 country artists featured on the first season of USA’s Real Country, premiering November 13 at 10/9c. Ever since I talked to her over the summer, it was obvious to me she is going to be one of the next big stars in country music. If all of this recent success is any proof, then you’re going to want to start listening to her now so you can say “I was listening to her way back when.”

You can learn more about Tiera by visiting her website or following her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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