How To Get Away With Murder 5×03 recap: Things get more complicated

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for the third episode of Season 5 for How To Get Away With Murder titled “The Baby Was Never Dead”. Do not read if you have not seen the episode or read at your own risk.

How To Get Away With Murder is getting even more complicated following the third episode of season five on Thursday night and it left us all (or maybe just me) thinking, what DID happen that night at Oliver and Connor’s wedding?

Are we being lied to?

Before we get to that, let’s talk about the case of the week. Annalise joins the defense team of the firm’s client after her boss basically threatens to fire her. She is defending Niles Harrington, a CEO who is accused of murdering his business partner, Andrew. This guy is a real douche for his treatment of women and it made me want Annalise to just give up and let the guy rot in jail. Little did I know, I’d get my wish.

The case was doomed for Annalise from the start and it didn’t help that Asher was feeding the DA tips on how to beat her. Annalise goes to Oliver to hack his way towards a solution to get Niles off and he discovers an email from Niles’ wife Bethany about an affair she was having with Andrew. Turns out, it was actually Bethany who killed Andrew. But Niles decides to take the blame and go to jail. Long story short, the jury finds him guilty.

Why? I’m not sure. But I’m glad he won’t be on my TV screen again.

The subplot of the episode saw Nate still searching for Bonnie’s long lost child. He uncovers some security footage that shows a young Bonnie kidnapping her own child from the hospital. After some more digging, he meets with Eileen Colterman, a nurse who was the last to see the child. She lies to Nate and says she doesn’t remember. After realizing she has stage 4 breast cancer, he asks her to come clean. And she does. When Nate show’s her a picture of a young Bonnie, Eileen says that is the person who she last saw the baby with.

But this is where things take a strange turn.

Nate goes to Annalise with this information, spilling it all. That’s when Annalise drops a massive bombshell. Not only is Bonnie’s child alive but that was not Bonnie in the photo: “It was her sister,” Annalise says.


So is the woman at the wedding actually Bonnie? Did twin Bonnie kill her sister? Is Nate dead after Bonnie’s secret came out?

Well, let’s pick up with that. At the beginning of the episode Bonnie (or maybe her sister) lies and says she cut herself after Michaela asks her whose blood is on her leg. Uh, that’s not a convincing lie at all. Come on, even Michaela can’t be that dumb.

As the DJ calls for Oliver and Connor to come to the stage, Connor is seen with a bruise and cut on his face. But Oliver is nowhere to be found after a few calls from the DJ. Michaela looks at Bonnie in horror as the show ends.

I highly doubt Oliver is dead. But the massive reveal of Bonnie’s sister really has me wondering about what really happened at the wedding and just who is dead (or dying) in the snow. Nate? Laurel’s mother? Bonnie?

Episode Notes:

  • Michaela is still obsessed with getting Tegan to forgive her, at one point telling her: “I won’t ever give up on us.” Uhh… Yes, you should Michaela. Let. It. Go. For the sake of the viewers.
  • Frank continues to spy on Gabriel Maddox with secret cameras set up in his apartment. Frank breaks into Gabe’s apartment and finds an ID with the name “Mark Jackson” – who is Gabriel really?
  • DA Ron is upset when he finds out Asher and Bonnie slept together. Bonnie is offended that Ron is questioning her and threatens to call it quits on their… whatever it is. They make up and Asher gets hired at the D.A’s office.

What did you think of Episode 3 of How To Get Away With Murder? Who do you think is dead in the snow? Let us know in the comments!

How To Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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