Donal Logue Talks the End of Gotham at NYCC 2018

The end is near! The final season of Gotham is upon us. The last 10 episodes will feature easter eggs that DC fans everywhere have been eagerly waiting to see ever since the series first premiered. New York Comic Con brought the big cast announcement of Shane West as Bane, which will be tied to Jim’s backstory. In addition, some of the big bads from previous seasons will be back, such as Mr. Zsasz (Anthony Carrigan), Mad Hatter (Benedict Samuel), Scarecrow (David W. Thompson), and Hugo Strange (BD Wong). The series finale will jump a full 10 YEARS ahead and might even feature Bruce donning the cape for the first time.

Our fan correspondent Kourtney Piper sat down with Donal Logue at his final Gotham New York Comic Con appearance to discuss what is to come. Check out the interview and the new Season 5 trailer below!



You can catch the final season of Gotham in early 2019 on FOX. Make sure you check back for all of our New York Comic Con 2018 coverage!

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