Comic Review: Sideways Volume 1 Steppin’ Out

Sideways is one of the new hotshot heroes of the DC Universe Dark Nights Metal storyline. Sideways is a Gen Z hero who just wants to stream his exploits for fun, fame, fortune, and fans. But when he runs into the villainous Killspeed and The Showman, not to mention the intergalactic Tempus Fuginaut, Sideways has to make a choice: will he be the Internet’s newest sensation or will he fight for truth and justice?

Sideways Volume 1 collects the first six issues in the series and presents Derek James as the titular character trying to make it as a new hero. Derek has to contend with his new adoptive parents, Dark Sciences (a research company with a name that’s not at all ominous sounding), and new villains popping up in West Gotham, thanks to an entire mountain range appearing and then disappearing in Gotham City.

The dark matter energy surrounding the incident has triggered some weird and catastrophic events. That’s where Derek comes in. He got caught in the dark energy of the teleporting mountain range and emerged with enhanced strength and the ability to transport himself by opening portal rifts in space-time.

The artistic style is gritty and warped, almost as if the artist and designer want their aesthetics to convey what Derek feels when he opens a rift. The volume is dramatic and full of life, just like a teenage storyline should be.

The rift jumping exploits of a reckless teenager just might be the thing to breathe new life into the DC Universe. At the very least it continues the repercussions from the Justice League destroying the source wall in the Dark Multiverse storyline. Those events set in motion a new wave of comics, including this one.

Sideways is the future for a new generation of comic readers. Can’t wait to read the next issue! I’m giving my full seal of approval.

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