Ship Wars: The Bold Type’s Jane/Pinstripe vs. Jane/Ben

I love The Bold Type for many reasons: the portrayal of strong women, healthy female friendships, refreshing yet relatable situations, millennial references, and the most delicious and swoon-worthy romantic relationships. 

For two of the three girls, the show makes it obvious as to who they should be with: Sutton belongs with Richard and Kat belongs with Adena. But Jane’s love life is still quite messy and completely up-in-the-air.

Dr. Ben Chau is the newest man in Jane’s life. She was introduced to him through Sutton after he did a photoshoot for Scarlett and sparks immediately flew between them. 

Ben is a doctor, having put himself through both undergrad and medical school. As a result, he is very secure in who he is and what he does; he loves his job and it keeps him grounded. And that Aussie accent….swoon!

While Ben and Jane have great chemistry and seem to get along really well, part of me wonders if Jane is latching onto Ben because he’s so centered and sure of himself. She is missing that same sense of security in her own life–even searching for some structure and stability while job hunting–so it makes sense she would look for a partner who has it all together. Also, I’m kind of concerned he’s too nice and too perfect. Nothing that perfect ever stays that way on television, so part of me is just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

But then there’s Pinstripe (I refuse to call him by his actual first name, Ryan). 

To Jane, Pinstripe is a dangerous and edgy choice, the opposite of everything she feels she needs after the Incite incident. But even before that, she put him in a box. She assumes a lot of things about him, like that he doesn’t want monogamy even though he’s never come out and directly said that. 

However, Pinstripe, to me, is the perfect match for Jane. First of all, they have the most incredible chemistry. From the first time they met, they’ve had top-notch banter. It’s flirty and fun and really just everything you want out of good ole verbal sparring between two potential love interests. 

He also challenges Jane in all the best ways. Its obvious to me that Pinstripe knows her better than she thinks he does and he always seems to say something that gets her to eventually open up by episode’s end. He’s always supportive of her and what she’s going through at the time and his heart is in the right place, which Jane has slowly come to understand.

Clearly, I’ve made it obvious who I think Jane should be with, but I want to hear from you: do you prefer Jane with Dr. Ben or Pinstripe? Vote in the poll and let me know why in the comment section below!

You can catch The Bold Type on Freeform Tuesdays at 8/7 C. 

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