Exclusive Interview with Hustle & Soul’s Stefan D’Angelica

The dynamic duo is back for one last time! As you prepare for tonight’s Hustle and Soul finale, check out my interview with Stefan D’Angelica, one half of everyone’s favorite TV Twins.


1. How has your life changed since Season 1 premiered?

Since season 1 premiered I have seen a small change.  Now that season 2 is out I get recognized everywhere I go it’s a great feeling I talk take pics and show love to anyone and everyone who notices me!

2. Do you find that people recognize you when they come into the restaurant?

So every weekend at work, everyone comes to see the twins and Lawerence. They ask about the others but it’s unbelievable the impact we put into everyone’s lives on the rev screen. So when they come in to see us, they are so excited. It’s amazing.

3. Do you have any regrets from the first season? 

I have no regrets from the first season at all. I will always be the man my mother made me to be.

4. Do you think that the viewers got to see the real you? Is there anything that you wish people would know about you?

Everything you see on tv is how I am in person: funny, outgoing, respectful, caring, and just a big hearted person.

5. How have the new cast members like Cola shaken things up at the restaurant and on the show? 

Cola is a great person. She has just added more of what we needed to the work place.

6. There are a lot of fights and arguments in the show, how do you decompress from all of that stress? 

I got lucky. I was born with an identical twin brother so we just ignore the bs and do our own thing as a team, which we will always be.

7. Were you #TeamAna or #TeamThandi?

That’s a hard one to answer, but I will have to go with Ana. She opened up more and is actually funny and a cool person.

8. Were you tempted to move to Miami for the new location after Lawrence made the announcement? 

Of course. I will definitely be working at both locations.

9. What can viewers expect from the rest of the season? 

The viewers can expect the best reality show of 2018 by the end of the season!!!

10. Do either of you have any upcoming projects that you would like to promote? 

I really would love to promote my summertime hit along with a music video for it that will be a top hit in the world!!

11. Lastly, our blog is called Talk Nerdy With Us. What’s something (movie, tv show, podcast, etc.) that you’re currently nerding out? 

Honestly, just nerding out about the future projects and knowing what is in store for us just keep filling @tvtwins thank you!!

The Season 2 finale of Hustle & Soul airs tonight, May 10th at 10 pm ET/PT on WE tv. You can follow Stefan on Twitter and Instagram

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