The Nightowls Release New Single “All The Good Things You Are”

The Nightowls have just released “All The Good Things You Are”, the third single from their new album We Are The Nightowls, which is due out 4/27.
Frontman Ryan Harkrider explains, “Most of the songs we wrote and recorded for the album all debuted on the road and at shows throughout 2017.  However, ‘All The Good Things You Are’ turned out to be the odd ball on the album and the only song that was created exclusively in the studio. It allowed us to try some things we normally wouldn’t be able to live e.g. the string arrangement. It’s a fun little pop song: bouncy rhythm section, tight vocal harmonies, and a lush string arrangement that ties everything together. The song is about hanging on to to the people in your life that teach you how to be a better person yourself.”
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