“Timeless” Season 2 Episode 2 Review: The Darlington 500

After the season premiere of Timeless left us with so many questions about what Rittenhouse’s new game plan is for this season, we are off to a new adventure and mission with the Time Team heading back to Darlington, South Carolina in 1955 for some NASCAR fun in the second episode of season two. Well, “fun” for the most part.

Let’s talk about some of the noteworthy moments from “The Darlington 500.”

We’re Worried for Jiya

Jiya faints in the premiere, and now, she sees these visions. Did you notice that what she saw, in the beginning, was exactly the same wound that occurred on Rufus’ arm? Is she…seeing the future? The not so good side of it? Oh, wait, no, it’s actually THE past? Because that wound was on Rufus when he was in 1955. Interesting.

Regardless, I’m excited to see how the writers will go about with Jiya’s arc this season. She’s a huge contributor to the team despite always being the underdog of it all. So it’s a good idea for viewers to be able to get to know her character more and what she’s going through now.

Wyatt Channels His Inner Nerd

Ah, Wyatt. I like this Wyatt. Nerding out to NASCAR, famous racers, and all kinds of cars are my jam. He does it so well and I’m glad we are getting to dive into learning more about our awesome solider. It gives characters more layers and relatability when we see them expressing their interests. Rufus noticing him ‘fanboy’ was the best part of it all. Just let him be Rufus, just let him be.


Okay, Rufus. We see you! One of my favorite things about Timeless is how they bridge in the present with the past and acknowledge some parts of history that haven’t really gone through the changes and times compared to the present. It’s like you see this raw moment of history and how the things you say from the present wouldn’t necessarily make sense if you took them back to the past.

Rufus does ‘the nod’ to Wendell Scott and he’s SO confused by it. It’s the nod, which is typically done when a black person meets another black person. It was not a thing back then, but the fact that Rufus did it twice and still had Wendell confused was funny. Little humor won’t hurt!

Emma, GO AWAY.

Emma is set on one goal and one goal only. Her character seems to be a bit one dimensional most of the time, so it’s hard to give her a chance. She’s over Lucy and she’s not even thinking twice about killing her. She doesn’t even care when she mentions it to Claire. It’s crazy to see how loyal she is with Rittenhouse, and right now, she seems to be the only one that’s fully committing to their mission, no matter the costs. I think she makes all of us mad with her presence.

Letting Go of The Past

We see Wyatt talk about a sensitive time of his childhood when he’s speaking with Wendell. We’re slowly but surely learning about Wyatt’s past, and as we saw in this episode, his father was apparently not a nice guy.

Wyatt is too precious. He’s layered with a ton of personality, and so far I think it’s safe to say we love it all. He’s a fighter, he’s gentle, he’s funny and he’s the type that will have your back. But when learning more about how he came to be and what he went through until the age of 15 when he decided to take matters into his own hand, you truly feel for him.

I just wanna give Wyatt a HUG.

Though it’s clear that he never shared this side of him with Lucy and Rufus, which is understandable because sometimes when things are going so great with the people you care for, showing them a glimpse of your past that’s vulnerable and rough isn’t something that comes easy. However, it doesn’t seem to matter for the two of them because I believe they will love him unconditionally.

They’re a family. The Time Team. The good, the bad and the ugly are all welcome.

Hold Onto Me

That. Trunk. Scene.

I’m just…Abigail Spencer and Matt Lanter SELL IT. They really, really do. The tenderness and intimacy that’s present from their interaction in that tight trunk were not only precious, but so heartfelt. Wyatt is always looking out for Lucy. He knows she’s claustrophobic and being in this tight truck isn’t easy for her. But he’s there. He’s there to keep her safe and make her feel like she’s going to be fine.

Then, boom, an interrupted kiss. AGAIN.

The third time is going to be a charm. I’m calling it.

Don’t Mess With Agent Christopher

Yeah…you don’t want to get on her bad side. What happened with Connor was pretty humiliating for him, but he definitely undermined her authority when he decided to go to that conference anyway. I’m going have to agree with her on this one. Don’t blow the cover, Connor. They’re all supposed to be on the down-low. So, in a way, Connor was risking it all showing his face at there.

No means no with Agent Christopher.

I’m stoked for next week’s episode! The Time Team is going to Hollywood! And some great Lucy and Wyatt moments are coming!

What did you think of “The Darlington 500”? Let us know in the comments below!

Timeless airs Sundays at 10/9c on NBC!

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