Behind the Movement: Haley & Michaels release “Me Too” Video with Activist Tarana Burke

The #MeToo social media movement has inspired numerous women and men across social spaces to share their stories and has since become much more than a hashtag. The campaign has inspired new ways for public figures, such as Ashley Clements, Sam Baker, and Ashley Graham, to speak about their own experiences. Since #MeToo went viral last year, numerous A-listers have pushed the cause into the limelight but few have written a song about the drive and even fewer have featured Tarana Burke, the woman who actually created the hashtag and Just Be Inc., a non-profit organization that helps victims of sexual harassment and assault.

The musical duo Haley & Michaels recently came out with a song, and music video, titled “Me Too” and I got the opportunity to get the story behind the song.

How did the idea for “Me Too” come about?

We had the opportunity to write with Tom Douglas, who is one of our biggest inspirations as a writer, and at the end of our first writing session we were talking about things going on in the world. We mentioned we had the idea to write a song called “Me Too.” It turns out Tom had the same idea. Tom said, “We’re writing that tomorrow.” So we came back, got together with he and Jeff Trott and wrote it.

How long did it take to write “Me Too?”

It was one of those wonderful writing sessions where everyone was on the same page and aiming for the same goal. It took most of the day to write it. As soon as we wrote it we knew we wanted to record it and put it out into the world. Within a week it was recorded, and within a month it was released.

What do you feel are the next steps to take in an effort to further the #MeToo social media movement?

Our hope is that by continuing to spread the message of unity and empowerment, in our small contribution, we will be able to help people feel like they are not alone and give them the spark and the courage to speak up. We feel like that’s the core message of this movement, and we hope that our music can be healing to those in the way the way the #MeToo movement has been healing for us.

What do you want listeners to take away from this song or any of your other songs?

Our goal with music has always been to connect with and uplift people, the way music has done so for us. For our song, “Me Too,” we hope that people can listen and feel like it’s written about their story. We didn’t write this just about our stories, this song is for everyone who has experienced this.

Professionally, where do you hope to be in 5 years?

In five years from this day, we hope to be standing on a big stage singing this song along with everyone in the crowd singing with us.

Some have compared your sound to Lady Antebellum, what sets your sound apart from that band and makes your sound unique?

We take that as such as compliment as we love Lady A! We have found, especially through the process of making this next album, that it is so important to find out exactly who we are as artists, and we have learned that that’s what makes you unique. Sometimes it’s hard to put into words what it is, but it’s a feeling, and once you’ve felt it it’s so important to never let go of it. We’ve been honing in on that feeling and sound and giving ourselves creative freedom to express it.

To find out more about Haley & Michaels, you can visit their website or follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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