Comic Review: Killing Stalking by Koogi

Lezhin Comic’s Killing Stalking by Koogi is a thrilling romp of fear, bondage and psychological horror. This BL (Boys Love) comic consists of mature content in 35 episodes with 6 specials, including a prologue, epilogue and Q&A’s.


The story centers on Yoon Bum, a young South Korean man with an unhealthy obsession for the popular Sangwoo. Bum takes his obsessive compulsion to the next level by breaking into Sangwoo’s house. What he finds is disturbing and earth shattering. When they said “never meet your idols,” they weren’t kidding. Sangwoo takes this opportunity to take Bum captive and teach him a lesson about disrupting a crime already in progress. The relationship that develops between the two is sparked by trauma and tragedy. This develops through violence, sex, and mental instability.

As a reader, I want desperately for Yoon Bum to make an escape, but his borderline personality disorder disrupts his vision of Sangwoo. It doesn’t help that Sangwoo alternates his behavior from violent to affectionate, or the fact that while they both served in the military, Sangwoo saved Bum from being raped. Koogi paints the harsh realities of military life that get swept under the rug in the name of national pride and national defense. It is important to see all sides in this story.

Bum sees a shining light in Sangwoo, though the latter is dealing with his own issues of past abuse and the uncanny resemblance Sangwoo says Bum has of his mother. This reveal is obviously the only thing that is keeping Bum alive. Sangwoo looks at Bum and sees his mother. He even makes Bum dress in a skirt and forces him to do chores around the house, thereby forcing Bum into a role of affection.

Bum acquiesces out of fear and love. Sangwoo has beaten him and followed up those actions with a kiss (many kisses), not to mention other activities as well (Like I said, this is a mature Boys Love comic). Sangwoo gives Bum what he wants, but keeps him locked against his will and punishes him when he steps out of line.

This comic is not for the faint of heart, nor the very squeamish. The frames drawn by Koogi are disturbingly realistic with anguish, pain and depression reading on both of our protagonist’s faces. It almost feels like love and sincerity are actually blooming between the two, but with their many problems it is hard to discern if tragedies will continue.

I enjoyed this story and recommend it to those of you who can handle it. Accounts can be set up for free at The subscription based website has many comics for all types of readers. I’ll be diving into some action comics next.

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  1. I can’t get used to the censored/glowing dicks. So the term ‘realistic” is not that fitting. If this is for adults and there are so much more offensive things, it seems a bit childish to think that a realistic drawing of human anatomy is the line. Just breaks the attention from the remaining great graphics.

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