Exclusive Interview: Up and Coming Young Actor Bzhaun Rhoden of Van Helsing

Bzhaun Rhoden is a young Canadian actor and comedian who just moved to Vancouver from his hometown in Toronto, Ontario just last fall. After not all that much time went by, he was scouted by an agent and almost immediately landed his first professional gig — and it was a huge one. Bzhaun is appearing on SyFy’s Van Helsing as Felix.

Growing up in Ontario, Bzhaun realized at a very young age that he only wanted to do one thing with his life, and that was to be an actor. When he was young, Bzhaun took every opportunity to take the stage, performing in multiple drama festivals, high-school plays, as well as community performances. Dedication to the arts allowed Bzhaun to learn and develop his natural skill with every performance. By the time senior year came, Bzhaun was performing in throughout Canada, including a competition at the Canadian Improv Games.

After high school, Bzhaun was accepted to Ryerson University’s prestigious theater program. At school, he worked alongside some of the country’s best teachers such as Ian Watson and Perry Schneiderman. Bzhaun was a quick study – after 3 semesters he set his sights on a film career and left school to move to Vancouver. In 2017, that move has paid off for Bzhaun; in addition to Van Helsing, he also appeared in the short 1968 and the TV series The Olympus Project.

Talk Nerdy With Us was delighted that Bzhaun took time out of his busy schedule to answer our questions about his role as Felix and other nerdy stuff!

What is it like joining a hit TV show like Van Helsing, with such an amazing cast?

It is like winning the lottery.

Had you watched the show before you started playing Felix?

To be honest, I hadn’t. After watching though, I knew I had to be a part of it!

Where will Felix’s path lead him next?

If I only I knew…

You were bit by the acting bug very young. What or who inspired you and who continues to inspire you?

Yeah, at seven years old. Idris Elba really inspires me and continues to do so.

Let’s talk about your work in stand up and improv. What do you enjoy most about doing comedy?

Timing is what I enjoy most about comedy. Anything can be funny, so long as you have cadence and timing.

Is it difficult to switch gears from comedy to drama?

No, not at all.

Can you tell us a bit about some of your upcoming projects?

I wish I could! Stay tuned!

What other TV series would you like to feature in?

I’d love to be in a show like Travelers.

What are your interests in addition to acting and stand up? Do you have any nerdy hobbies?

I really like grocery shopping (don’t judge me).

What is it you truly enjoy talking nerdy about?

Video games. All day. Every day.

Follow Bzhaun on Instagram. Be sure to keep an eye out on all social media as this bright young star continues to rise!

Photo Credit: Leslie Alejandro

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