Long Time Releases New Album, Never Alone

Alt-rockers Long Time recently announced the release of their new CD, Never Alone.

The trio, who don’t like to be categorized, continue to push boundaries with the eight track release that hits stores on October 14. The band’s goal is to take listeners on an unpredictable journey throughout various explorations and experimentations of the modern rock sound. The album follows up the band’s 2015 four song EP Worth.

Long Time members are Thomas John Cadrin (guitars/vocals), Colin Dinnie (bass) and Andrew G. Nault (drums). The guys came together in a studio session that was never supposed continue beyond a one time event. The trio clicked, and since that time the band has worked tirelessly to craft an contagious sound that continuously pushes the boundaries of what rock, alt and punk can be.

To celebrate the release of Never Alone, the band performed a special show at the Outer Space in their hometown in Hamden, CT.

Never Alone Track Listing:
1. River
2. Spoken Ghost
3. Hostage
4. Silence
5. Shadows
6. Separation Situation
7. Chosen Disease
8. Windows

You can listen to the album now on Spotify, and it will be available for purchase on iTunes and other music outlets on October 14. You can also check out the band’s website here and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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