Night Argent’s “Dreamcatcher” Video Faces the Nightmare

From their new album The Fear, Night Argent has released another stunning music video masterpiece, “Dreamcatcher.” This video, which can be viewed here, takes us through one young woman’s watery nightmare. Of the video, frontman Chase Manhattan has this to say:

When we approached coming up with the treatment for the ‘Dreamcatcher’ music video, we really wanted to shoot it as an homage to the horror genre, but with our own little twist. We also really wanted it to reflect not only the song, but the concept behind our new EP The Fear itself. There’s a quote by Mark Twain my dad would always share with me, that has stuck with me to this day, ‘Do the thing you fear most, and the death of fear is certain.’ The main message behind this video and our EP as a whole is a continuation of that, overcome your fear, don’t let being afraid stop you from discovering what you’re truly capable of.

Faced with a metaphorical deluge of fears in her room, the woman goes through the typical horror story check-under-the-bed trope, but this video is anything but typical in its aquatic imagery. The sparkle of lights through the splashing water inside the bedroom, along with brilliant flashing strobes, serve to add an eerie quality that you just don’t get with most horror flicks.

Drenched and terrified, she is dragged under the bed by the nightmare’s antagonist, a faceless figure. After she escapes, she takes matters into her own hands, using flame and blade to vanquish her nightmare foe. At the end of the video, the sun comes up and the woman is grateful for the morning…but what’s going on with that teddy bear? Better watch the video to find out!

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