“Famous in Love” Episode 7 Recap

This episode starts out with Paige trying yet again to multitask, this time studying while stretching for dance lessons. Twitch tells her that she’s going to knock her exam out just like she does everything else. Paige asks if Rainer is joining them for rehearsals but Twitch tells her he’s still “out.”

At the beach house, Rainer continues to ignore Paige’s calls. Jordan, who is sleeping on a lawn chair because there is still no furniture, asks him why. Rainer simply says it’s because he’s finally listening; she’s been icing him out for weeks and he’s done trying so hard. Jordan says he’s checked for the missing furniture at a few places where he and his mom used to pawn stuff with no luck and apologizes again. Rainer tells him not to worry about it; as a matter of fact, he’s already ordered new furniture.

At the studio, Alan has a meeting with Tangey where he tells her that she’s being replaced in her role as the time sorceress. She’s upset and Alan tries to smooth it over but it doesn’t seem to work; she storms out of his office.

Cassie comes to visit Paige on set to tell her that she’s not sure if she has the time to be her assistant full-time and go to school. Paige tells her that it can work out since she can make whatever hours she wants.

Tangey finds Rainer and Jordan on the lot and immediately starts yelling at Rainer, asking him if he knew she was going to be fired. “You were always such a bad liar, and I guess now you’re a bad friend too,” she tells Rainer when he stumbles over his words, not wanting to admit that he knew the truth. Tangey storms off after Rainer admits there was nothing he could do to stop it, and Jordan goes after her. Jordan tells her that he’s going to talk to Nina and try to fix this. Awwww, way to be a good boyfriend, Jordan.

Later, Adam finds Cassie on set and gives her the paperwork to fill out in order to become Paige’s assistant. He encourages Cassie to tell Paige the real reason that she doesn’t want to be her assistant, but Cassie is worried that whatever that reason may be is going to ruin their friendship.

Paige then runs into Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell (my “Bachelor” heart is soooo happy but also so crushed at the same time) on set. Paige is just as star-struck as they are, with Ben having apparently read Locked six times. She then oversees Rainer giving Julie (the new Chinese co-star) a tour of the stage, complete with the “Jimmy Stewart, Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant” line and all. She clearly feels like she’s been played and that his kindness was all an act.

Over in a different part of town, Jake and Alexis are meeting with someone from New Castle to go over Jake’s script. But Jake seems kind of put-off by the fact that the studio feels his script needs some more work before the project can move forward. Alexis tells him not to freak out but Jake can’t help it, saying that he doesn’t feel like he knows what they want. Later in the meeting, the lady from the studio gives Alexis a list of actresses they might be considering casting. Alexis notices Rachel’s name on the list. “If you can attach Rachel Davis, you might get your film off the ground,” the lady tells her, which of course makes Alexis nervous considering how things ended with them the last time they saw each other.

When Tangey arrives to the beach house, she runs into Jordan’s mother and is taken completely by surprise. Jordan walks in right after, of course, threatening Brandy to leave. Tangey is very upset with Jordan over the fact that he lied to her about both of his parents being dead. She leaves but Jordan is still left to deal with his mother. Brandy tells him that everything she’s asked for since getting out of jail has gone towards paying off Aiden’s  (the guy “she killed”) bookie. Now, she’s saying that they are going to kill her if she doesn’t pay it all back.

Later, we see Paige running to her economics class, clearly on her way from rehearsal. She walks in late and her professor is annoyed. This continues to show when she won’t let Paige answer any of the questions.

We then see Alexis going to find Rachel. At first, Rachel doesn’t want to give her the time of day, but then she sees that she clearly wants something. “You sound desperate and I’m curious,” Rachel tells her. Alexis then gives her Jake’s script, but when Rachel notices the name, she storms off, accusing Alexis of sleeping with him too.

Back on set, Rainer and Jordan are shooting a scene together. When they finish, Rainer apologizes to Jordan for not saying anything about Tangey, saying that he was hoping that Nina would fix it. Rainer says he doesn’t know why Nina was so quick to get Tangey off the movie, but Jordan has a knowing look despite him having to play dumb.

Alexis finds Rachel again, this time at a lounge. She admits to sleeping with Jake but says it’s because Rachel “only chose to think the worst” of her. When Rachel says that she doesn’t know what Alexis is referring to, Alexis tells her that she did not get Rachel fired from Locked. Rachel admits that she knew it wasn’t Alexis’s fault, but says it wasn’t the only thing she was upset about. “You didn’t give us a chance as a couple,” she tells Alexis. Alexis says it was because of societal pressures to be with the boy-next-door type. Their conversation ends with a peace offering and Alexis asking Rachel to read Jake’s script, to which she agrees.

Later on, Jordan is yelling at someone on the phone when Rainer finds him to tell him he’s needed back on set. Rainer asks him what’s wrong, clearly seeing that Jordan is upset. Jordan tells him that he considers Rainer to be like a brother and indirectly asks for money. “Say no more. How much do you need?” Rainer asks Jordan without even hesitating. Even when Jordan tells Rainer that he needs $750,000, all Rainer can say is: “For that amount, I at least get to hear what kind of trouble you are in.” Jordan tells Rainer the rest of the story about his past, including that he was actually the one that killed Aiden after he saw his mom being abused. “I have to help my mom. I can’t leave her with that when it was my fault,” Jordan tearfully admits to Rainer about why he keeps giving Brandy money.

Back at Paige’s house, Cassie walks in with her cleaning supplies from her “job” while Paige is making food in the kitchen. Paige is confused, saying that she thought they were working on the movie together. But Cassie finally admits the real reason that she didn’t want to work as Paige’s assistant: she does not want to see Paige living out her dream every single day. Jake walks out on them having a fight when Cassie admits that she never thought Paige would actually land the role of August, which is why she didn’t mind dragging her to the audition in the first place. “Like everything you do, it’s just so easy,” Cassie tells her. Paige then grabs her bag and storms out.

Rainer and Jordan are getting ready to go back to their fight scene when Alan walks in and tells them they can’t do the stunts as he doesn’t want his main actors getting hurt. “Besides, you’re not even 21,” Alan says as further justification. Rainer corrects Alan, saying that he’s actually 23 and Nina had just shaved three years off his age at the first audition he ever went to in order to help him get parts in his 40s. Rainer ignores Alan’s order and does the stunt anyway. He tells Alan that doing stunts is “in his blood” since his supposed father was a stunt man. Rainer leaves but Alan has a confused look on his face.

At a local diner, Paige runs into Jake. As per usual after every fight, Paige starts questioning everything that has happened since she got the role. But Jake calms her down, telling her that she deserves what she’s gotten. Paige asks him about his script and wants to know when she will get to read it. Jake has his own doubts about what he’s doing, but Paige assures him that selling his script was the right move. The two of them then share a cute moment (if you are into that ship) over pie, but as a hardcore #Raige shipper, it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea.

At the studio the next day, Tangey runs into her mom, who threatens her to stop messing everything up. Tangey says she’s already contacted some other managers, but her mom argues that nobody else knows Tangey’s career better than her. “I know you’re grown and I know we’ve had our differences, but ask yourself: As much as you’ve hated hearing the truth, how many times have I been right?” Ida says to Tangey as a way of convincing her.

Back at the studio, Paige walks in on Rainer and Julie dancing and messing around. Paige confronts Rainer and tells him to stop blowing her off, but then Rainer throws it right back at her by bringing up the Vegas situation. Paige tells him to grow up, that her friends needed her and that’s why she turned him down. “If you don’t understand that, you’ve just proven my point. This is exactly why I didn’t want to date you,” Paige says as she grabs her bag and walks away. Rainer smirks at her as she leaves, but is clearly upset by the hurtful comments Paige made about his character. Yes, Rainer has been a jerk throughout this whole situation but it’s obvious that he’s not that person deep down inside.

Paige goes to visit her economics professor, who tells her that she was the only one in class to get a 100% on her exam. But her professor tells her that even if she does well on the final, the highest grade she could get for the class would be a “C.” Paige urges her to reconsider looking at her midterm paper and even tries to bribe her with a set of Locked after seeing a picture of her daughter on her desk. Her professor finally gives in, which makes Paige very happy.

We then see Paige back on set, warming up for dance rehearsals. She texts Cassie about hanging out later but Cassie tells her that she’s staying at Adam’s. Rainer shows up, which is a surprise to both Twitch and Paige. Twitch starts going on about how this dance has to be a give and take between the two of them and that they have to feel what the other person needs; clearly, this has a greater meaning beyond the dance. The two of them run through the dance from the top and the chemistry is oozing out of every twist and turn, just as if it had never left.

Alexis is then greeted at her apartment by Rachel, who has read the script and is interested in the movie. She says she’ll agree to do it if the script goes through a major re-write. When Alexis tells her that Jake is already on it, Rachel says she’s got Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Kevin O’Hara on board. Alexis doesn’t really say anything but clearly doesn’t say no either.

Then, we see Alan in Nina’s office looking at a copy of Rainer’s birth certificate. He is clearly thinking that Nina might be lying about who Rainer’s father is but hasn’t said anything yet because he is unsure.

In the last scene of the episode, Jordan gets confronted by Barrett Hopper, who claims to know everything about Jordan’s past. Jordan threatens Barrett to stay away from him and then walks away. “If you don’t tell me the truth, then someone else will. Someone always does,” Barett yells at Jordan as he walks off.

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