All in the Heart: OUAT Musical Prediction (SPOILERS!)

From the first look at Emma’s wedding dress to being the first ever musical episode, this Sunday’s Once Upon a Time may be the most-hyped episode yet. Entertainment Weekly released the full track of original songs. Here to stoke your excitement is the list for 6×20’s “The Song in Your Heart”:

“Powerful Magic”

Snow and Charming

“The Queen Sings”

Regina, Gepetto, Snow and Charming, Granny and Grumpy

“Love Doesn’t Stand a Chance”

Regina, Gepetto, Snow and Charming, Granny and Grumpy

“Revenge is Gonna be Mine”

Hook with the pirates

“Wicked Always Wins”


“Charmings vs. Evil Queen”

Snow, Charming and Regina

“Emma’s Theme”

Emma (solo)

“A Happy Beginning”


Now why, exactly, is everyone suddenly singing?

TV Line reported the reason is a curse of self-expression that can only be done through singing.

Now the tricky part is guessing which songs from the list are from Enchanted Forest and which are from Storybrooke, or do they overlap by chance?

Predictions anyone? Here are mine:

Snow and Charming

Knowing these True Loves, “Powerful Magic” is likely something about their unbreakable love, how they will always find each other and how not even the Evil Queen or any curse can keep them apart.

Then again, if the title says anything, and if Emma’s Savior fate (SPOILER ALERT) is anything like Rumple’s, as we learned in this past Sunday’s episode (was her light and dark nature also severed?), will this song show the reason why Emma was able to become the Dark One, even if she’s destined to be Savior?

Or could this song be about her parents celebrating Emma as the light of the world and how they’ll do, literally just about anything, to keep her on that path? Or will it be about a sacrifice or a deal they made with black magic (à la Black Fairy) to give Emma her “best chance?”


If this is Queen Regina before the curse, and around the same time as Snow’s pregnancy, is she celebrating acquiring the spell and bragging about it to everyone, including Dark One Rumple?

If this is the Evil Queen, that was transported to her wish realm with Robin Hood 2.0, is she singing about how ecstatic she is with her newfound happy ending? Or is it because of a fresh freedom? Did she break-up with Hood 2.0 and she’s doing an I-Don’t-Care-I-Love-It and she doesn’t give a damn about her reputation? After all, Lana Parrilla did say The Evil Queen is “a rock star”.


Who else was reminded of Gaston in this scene? Twitterverse seems to agree (the search is worth it, friends!). So far, if I’m correct, this is the only sneak peek released in its entirety.

Entitled “Revenge is Gonna be Mine,” my expectation was: Hook would sing about jolly old rum and his ship–you know, the pirate’s life for him–and whoever he planned revenge against.

SPOILER ALERT and reality: it’s actually about his perpetual nemesis, The Crocodile – which, oh yeah, was Rumple’s nickname!–Hook’s solo is about Rumple…who cut off his hand…whose wife he stole…who Hook wants to get revenge on. That’s the song in his heart, folks!


Rebecca Mader recently mentioned her green alter-ego is still a bit selfish and a loner.

With Hades gone, is this singing Wicked Witch happy to be back in Oz with just herself and baby Robyn? Or is she singing the blues? Is she green with envy over everyone in Storybrooke who’s coupled up? Is she still envious of Regina? Is she regretful over sacrificing her powers? Is it about her moving on to New York?

Will she be flying solo.. flying free?


Everyone’s songs seem to be set in the Enchanted Forest, except for Emma’s (betting on “Love Doesn’t Stand a Chance” to be set in Storybrooke too…maybe), but it’s more than about time Princess Emma got an anthem! She’s a dragon-slaying warrior and a survivor in the real world.

For a few seasons now, Emma Swan has embarked on a journey to “work on her issues.” The question is: Is she truly happy? We found out a couple episodes back that Snow White’s been planning her daughter’s wedding for a long time (“definitely after the first curse“), thanks to a large, white, wedding planner binder. Emma was a little taken aback by that revelation, but does she truly feel the same about her future (not just the planning, but also a traditional fairytale wedding)?

Don’t conceal but feel, remember who you are Emma Swan. Will you let us know who exactly that is?

Will you guys watch? Are you hoping for revelations? Maybe secrets will be revealed. You never know. After all, it’s not a Once Upon a Time wedding (in whatever timeline) without interruptions.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays on ABC 8/7c

Images Courtesy: ABC, tvpromosdb

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