Adria is Killen It on YouTube

With over 100,000 YouTube subscribers, Adria Killen is making a name for herself on the video sharing platform. Adria started her YouTube channel under the username DontBeASadPanda in 2012, where she shared dating tips, stories about her crazy family, and, most notably, her battle with anxiety and depression. By being unafraid to share her struggles and let viewers into her personal life–like sharing when she was robbed and not shying away from her financial situation– Killen has attracted a broad audience. Over the years, Killen has switched up her content, gravitating more towards comedic videos, such as “If Trump and Hillary were MARRIED,” which she did with her fiance, Brandon, and story-time videos, like when she recounted the time her principal dropped a mustard-covered soft pretzel on her head. With an apparent passion for YouTube, an upcoming wedding, an internet meme, and the guaranteed sass viewers have come to expect when “girl” is said in combination with a hand-clap in videos, it is easy to see why Adria Killen is finding success in this medium, despite YouTube having a track record for favoring individuals with cookie-cutter images.

Check out Adria’s YouTube channel to see a fun-loving energy that will have you hitting the subscribe button within seconds.

Adria Killen’s social media:
snapchat: dontbeasadpanda

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