Power Rangers: a Review Via Letter to My Childhood Self

Dear 1995 Gina,

Hi, sweet girl! I imagine you’re reading this right now on the foot of your bed in your all-pink bedroom. You’re also probably wondering (a) why Mom made you pause your SNES game (Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Quest, right?), and (b) who this old lady is and why she’s writing you a letter.

I’m you. In twenty-two years. Pretty cool, huh?

We’ll talk about your life later, but to sum it up: you’re really smart! You’re a really fun, hardworking person who turned into a semi-decent adult, if I do say so myself.

Oh, but do you remember Home Alone 2: Lost In New York? That guy, Donald Trump, is the President now. It’s a long story.

All of that aside, I am writing because you just saw- and loved- the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie. Well, when you grow up, “reboots” are going to become a thing and some of the shows you love are going to get newer, “fresher” versions. Don’t worry. You are going to love the “updated” versions of Full House and Boy Meets World, but I came to let you know that in 2017, they’re going to reboot Power Rangers.

GINA, DO NOT THROW THIS LETTER AWAY. Don’t forget, I know you. You hate to read- so that coupled with what I just told you has you ready to go back to your game. Just hang on for a little bit longer, and in twenty-two years, you will understand why. The new movie is very different from the original, but you’re still going to like it! You’re going to go see it on opening night, but before you do, I want to let you know about some of the biggest changes.

First, you learn more about where Zordon came from, but Zordon is kind of a dick (you’ll learn what that means when you’re older). The new version of Zordon is unfortunately a bit selfish. In the original movie, he only wants to fight evil, but in the new one, he wants something else and doesn’t tell the rangers. This is called an ulterior motive, and it’s not very nice.

Okay, I shouldn’t say the word “dick” to an eight year old, but Alpha is a bit different, too. He still says the same “ay yi yi!” that makes you laugh every time, but he also has something called a beer gut, which adult you will never quite get used to. You’ll learn to love him, though. The new Alpha is funny and sarcastic, and even knows how to fight.

As for the Rangers, I think you’re going to like the new Billy more than the old. You’re too young to see it now, but what makes Billy different is what makes him so awesome. You call him a “nerd,” and I still do, too, but the word “nerd” means something different in the future. It means knowing that you’re different and embracing it because it makes you special. The new Billy is really smart, but also so compassionate and sweet. You’ll relate to this version of Billy more than the one you see now- because he is exactly how I remember you.

Rita Repulsa is still around, but this Rita is a bit scarier than the one on television. She’s creepy, and reminds you of the girl from The Ring (it’s not that good- if you remember this letter when you get to high school, skip it). You’ve never been spooked by scary movies, though, so she’s going to make you laugh more than anything else.

This is another one that you won’t appreciate until you’re older, but Angel Grove is actually Storybrooke from the television show Once Upon A Time. You’ll spot what looks like the infamous clock tower when Rita finally reaches Angel Grove and starts wreaking havoc. You’re not entirely sure it’s the exact same set, but it’s similar enough that you’ll have a good laugh. Both the movie and the show are filmed in Vancouver (that’s in Canada)- so it’s entirely possible that some of the locations are the same. Oh, and Once Upon A Time stops being good around season four. Just so you know.

There are also a few minor things you’re going to notice that your poor friend, Melanie, is going to hear about once the movie is over. The new Jason is a troublemaker who becomes a Ranger after getting kicked off the football team- which will take some getting used to since your Jason teaches karate at Ernie’s juice bar.

Kimberly- your idol until next year when you’ll meet a gymnast named Dominique Moceanu- is a cheerleader. That’s not a big deal to other people, but it is to you because the Kimberly you know is a gymnast, and that’s what you want to be when you grow up. That part won’t bother you as much as Jason and Kimberly flirting will, though. I know how much you love Tommy and clearly, remember the butterflies in your stomach when he and Kimberly finally kissed. You won’t learn this phrase for at least twenty or so more years, but Kimberly and Tommy were your first “ship,” and there’s just not enough room for Jason on board.

I should let you get back to your game because I know you’re about to beat that level you’ve been struggling with. Like I said, though, the rebooted Power Rangers movie is different, but you’re still going to like it. It’s a newer, fresher take that still manages to stay faithful to the source material. The only thing you’re going to wish is that there were more nods to the original. Good luck with your game, and keep working hard and being the sweet girl I remember. Before I go, I’ll leave you with a little riddle. Tommy is both in the and not in the movie. Have fun pondering that one for the next two decades!



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