Comic Review: The Upyri Universe

Upyri (you-pie-ree) Omnibus is a graphic novel that features the first three titles of the Upyri universe. In this universe the supernatural run rampant. This series focuses on vampires and all the mortal perils they face. The three titles in the omnibus are unique and offer different perspectives on what it really means to live as a modern vampire.
The first title covered in the omnibus is The Land of Blood and Bone (written By Jason Franklin, art by Caitlin “KK” Nixon). This story catapults Sgt. John Adoyo into a past he’s tried desperately to avoid. He comes face to face with his demons, as do his captors, in the middle of Iraq. This story proves that you can only run from your past for so long; that is until it tries to kill you.
The second title, Trust In Blood (written by Arnar Heidmar, art by Alda), features college student Margaret Gibson and Isaiah, a young vampire she befriends. In an effort to clear her head after she learns the truth behind her family’s riches, Margaret is stalked by vampires, until Isaiah comes to her rescue. The unlikely twoesome form a bond that neither of them knew they needed.
Finally, A Love That Never Died (written by Alexander Altman, art by Cheuk Po), centers around Delilah, a vampire with a score to settle. Delilah uses her gentleman’s club to gain information on D.C.’s political figures in order to exact revenge on the vampires that turned her and killed her fiancee. Little does she know, the past doesn’t always stay dead.
Each title is compelling and completely different, but they all fit tonally in the Upyri universe. I haven’t chose a favorite as they’re all good. Lonnie Jackson (creator) and his team have created substantial characters and enticing storylines and I can’t wait to see what happens next.
Check out for more information and how to get your copy of each title.
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