A Nerd’s Dating Guide to Watching This Spring’s Top Films

It’s a new year, new season, new blockbuster hits and classics it can be hard to decide which film to pick when going out on a date to the movies. Which of the newest top films best suits you and your significant other?

Beauty and The Beast

For the Disney nerds and the musical buffs and the romantics.

Although dubbed by Honest Trailers tale as old as Stockholm Syndrome,” it is true after all that actual fairy tales are supposed to be first and foremost, ever-creepy before the ever-after.

In all seriousness, with this live-action take, the cinematography and graphics gave it that Disney magic, with a larger-than-life cast that was most entertaining (did you know Ian McKellen and Ewan McGregor are also part of that stellar cast?), Come for the magic, stay for the furniture acting and singing.

Some things were definitely lost in the conversion from cartoon to human flesh…and then they danced – Belle and the Beast at their own ball. Major kudos to bringing that to life.

Romantic points = a lot. Easy, peasy perfect date night.


For the X-Men nerds and comic book/movie fanatics.

Two things you can argue about after watching it 1) Which Wolverine origins movie was the angstiest of all. It’s arguably this one, and yet, it’s still worth watching Logan’s life story unfold from start to finish and 2) it seems almost every movie had Jean Grey in it…thoughts? (Am I the only one who thinks the little girl looks just like Jean? Just me? Okay.)

Romantic points = The Angst is real. (Especially if you both have shipped Jean Grey and Logan at any point in time.)


Get Out

For the film-buffs.

For the screenwriters, the thought-provoking, philosophical, psychological, sociological and psychopolitical analyzer of a film buff who wants to contemplate the meaning of our existence, not only in our communities, but in the world and maybe the universe as well.

If you’re both looking to own dinner conversations as a couple, it’s this one.

Romantic points = Mental stimulation.


For the space nerds and the science nerds.

Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal and Rebecca Ferguson? OK.

With Aliens? Even better.

Sounds like a ready pick-up line.

It’s a space movie after last fall’s Arrival. You both have probably seen Passengers and Interstellar and everything under the sun already. So why not?

Romantic points = Romance. In space. There is one. Maybe. Unless there isn’t. But it’s spaceeee and science.


Power Rangers

For the robot nerds and the fossil-loving nerds.

Planning on reminiscing your childhood this weekend? Why not do so with Morphin Time!

Adrenaline-pumping and adventure for sure.

Romantic points =Reminiscing that Saturday morning cartoon-watching life together? Super cute.


The writer has seen 4 out of 5 of all these films.

Guess which.

(Photo Credits: Disney, Universal, Lionsgate)

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