Five Best Moments of “Shadowhunters” Episode 2.08, “Love is a Devil”


On this episode of Shadowhunters, Magnus hosts a party in honor of Alec and Isabelle’s younger brother, Max—and, well, things don’t exactly go according to plan. The problems start early on, when Maryse Lightwood makes a fuss because of a Downworlder hosting a celebration for a Shadowhunter. Right then and there, we should’ve known this would be more than just a jovial affair. As the evening progresses, things start to spiral further and further out of control: Jace and Maryse have a row that almost ends with Maryse’s death; Clary nearly drives Alec to suicide; and, her and Simon’s new relationship practically derails before it’s even lost sight of the station.

Yep, you read that right; Clary and Simon are now a thing. After pouring his heart out to Clary on a rooftop (figuratively, not literally; with this show, it’s important to clarify), Simon’s life-long dream of getting to kiss Clary Frey is granted. Although I still get more of a brother-sister vibe from them, I do have to say that I am glad that Clary didn’t reject him. I would’ve felt bad if she had broken the earnest little vampire’s heart.

Therefore, the two of them arrive at the party all giggly and smitten, but it isn’t long before the bizarre happenings start to take a toll on them. Pretty soon into the shindig, Clary begins to see visions of Simon and Maia flirting and hanging all over each other, which drives her into a jealous rage. Is Simon really two-timing the girl that he’s had a crush on forever? Not so fast!

Meanwhile, Alec is confronted by what appears to be a vengeful Clary, who condemns him for killing her mother. Overcome by guilt, Alec decides that the only solution is for him to kill himself. Luckily, Magnus arrives in time to pull him from the ledge.

To make matters even worse, Jace becomes the target of a self-righteous Maryse Lightwood, who not only rejected him but also seems intent on killing him. So what exactly is going on? Have everybody’s worst insecurities really manifested themselves on the same night?

As a matter of fact, yes, but there’s a magical reason for it. As it turns out, the warlock Iris has crashed the party—on Valentine’s orders, of course. She’s after Magnus’s spell-book and has cast a hex on all of them to distract them. Unfortunately for her, Magnus is not someone who should be crossed; he catches her red-handed and sends her back to Idris, but not before finding out that Valentine has kidnapped the warlock child who was in her custody. What exactly is Valentine planning? At this point, it’s anyone’s guess.

Outside the party walls, Isabelle is facing a challenge of her own. Consumed by her desire for Yin Fen, she begs Raphael, the leader of the Vampire Clan, to bite her. He obliges but makes it clear that this is a one-time deal, which he then goes back on when he bites her for a second time. However, that one truly is the last. With some words of wisdom, the two part ways, with Isabelle’s path looking a tad bit lighter.

Altogether, this was an episode punctuated by numerous emotion-heavy scenes. Which ones stood out the most? Here are my choices for the best five moments from Shadowhunters episode 2.08, “Love is a Devil.”


Raphael Saves Isabelle (And Then Takes Her Out for a Bite)

It’s safe to say that Isabelle’s dependence on Yin Fen has gone too far. In order to get her fix, she seeks out a group of vampires, who are all eager to take advantage of a vulnerable Shadowhunter. Luckily, Raphael happens to appear just in time to save her—sort of. After realizing the nature of Isabelle’s predicament, Raphael agrees to bite her and provide her with a dose of vampire venom. What follows is a sensual sequence that demonstrates just how hot Isabelle and Raphael could be together. I have to say that, although I wasn’t shipping them before, I definitely am now!


Jace and Magnus Have a Chat

This was arguably one of the most touching moments of the entire episode. After a humorous encounter with Magnus’s many cats, Jace and Magnus have a much-needed chat regarding Alec. You could sense how much affection they both have for Alec in this scene, as well as how protective they both are over him. Neither one wants to see him get hurt. Therefore, I think it’s safe to say that Alec has two very strong individuals in his corner.


 Simon Makes a Move on Clary

Wait to go, Simon! I honestly didn’t think that he would have the guts to do it. After years of pining after Clary, Simon finally told her how he feels about her. And, to make this moment even more grandiose, Clary didn’t turn him down gently; instead, she kissed him. Does she feel the same way toward Simon as he feels toward her? We’ll have to wait and see. For the time being, the two of them have decided to give their relationship a chance. Something tells me that, even if things don’t work out, they’ll be able to stay friends.


Maryse Tries to Kill Jace

Jace just can’t catch a break. After Max reveals at the party that Maryse told him that Jace isn’t really a member of their family, Jace takes his leave of the festivities for some brooding time. Nevertheless, it isn’t long before Maryse comes looking for him, but not to make amends. Instead, she announces that she should have taken care of him a long time ago and tries to kill him. Jace is able to subdue her but has a difficult time explaining to the others what happened, especially since Maryse awakens with a completely different account of the events leading up to their fight. What is real and what isn’t real? That is the pressing question in this episode.

Magnus Catches a Thief Red-Handed

Lo and behold, we find out that someone is playing with all of their minds! Remember Iris, the warlock that Clary contacted about her mother? Well, she’s back, and she’s looking to steal Magnus’s spell-book. For one brief moment, she manages to get her hands on it, but she doesn’t get far before Magnus tracks her down. In fact, she doesn’t even make it out of the building; Magnus raises his wards and confronts her head-on. Let’s just say that she should’ve reconsidered trying to steal from the High Warlock of Brooklyn.

Honorable Mention

Magnus Reveals the Nature of Clary’s Connection to the Angel Ithuriel

Finally, we have an answer as to Clary’s mysterious connection to the angel Ithuriel. After telling the group about the rune visions that she’s been having, Magnus draws a startling conclusion: she must be linked to Ithuriel by blood. At least, that’s why the original Shadowhunters were able to communicate directly to the angels. What does this mean for Clary? Well, it means that she’s more special and in even more danger than she initially believed.

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