Exclusive Look at New Video from Pocket Dragon

Pocket Dragon, a five piece band from London who describe their music as alternative funk, is offering everyone a free sneak peek at their new video for “Vagabond Capulet.”  This song features the band’s characteristic blend of neo-soul and fusion funk.  This cutting edge band is one that you’ll want to start talking about with your musically inclined friends. The band refers to their unique style as “gangstah funk.”

This independent group starting producing jazz with a new-age vibe in a home studio (PD HQ) after they’d graduated from music school.  They released their first EP to critical acclaim in 2015.  Since then the group has played at the Cheltenham and Cambridge Jazz Festivals as well as touring with bands such as Lola’s Day Off.

Pocket Dragons have just finished work on their second EP Borderless, which they plan to release this year.  Click on the links provided below and become one of the first to see PD’s exciting new video release, “Vagabond Capulet.”


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