Five Best Moments of “Shadowhunters” Episode 2.04, “Day of Wrath”

* This article contains spoilers for Shadowhunters’ episode 2.04, “Day of Wrath.”

The fourth episode of the second season of Shadowhunters was truly a “Day of Wrath” for characters and fans alike. I know that I, for one, was left in a state of disbelief, and I’m sure that many others felt the same. So much happened and so many emotions were tapped into that I couldn’t help wondering where the show could possibly go from here. What new obstacles could they tackle? What new feelings could they evoke?

In many ways, this was what critics would call a “busy” episode; a lot happened—so much, in fact, that if you looked away for even a second, you could get lost. The show covered a lot of ground in a forty-some-minute span and bounced back and forth between several different storylines. The primary focus, however, was on the hunt for a powerful smoke demon that threatened everyone in the Institute. For the most part, our core group made it out alive, but there was one casualty that will have far-reaching repercussions: Jocelyn Frey.

I can’t begin to express how shocked I was that Jocelyn died. At first, I thought it had to be a mistake or perhaps some sort of cruel mind-trick devised by the writers. To my dismay, I learned that her death was real and I was overwhelmed by a sorrow that I didn’t anticipate.

The other storyline that got a lot of attention was Jace’s trial in the City of Bones. Before this episode, we knew next to nothing about the City of Bones, so I was grateful that we got the chance to get acquainted with the place. I’m sure Jace felt differently, however.

Jace was put through the wringer in this episode, with many of his deep, dark secrets spilling out for everyone to see. Not only did we learn that Jace doesn’t trust the Clave but we also learned that he’s still harboring romantic love for Clary. What will this mean for them moving forward? No doubt, their relationship will remain complicated. Most frightening of all is the fact that Aldertree is now privy to this information and could use it as blackmail against Jace in the future.

Lastly, we see more of the Simon-Raphael-Camille story unfold, with Magnus being pulled into the mix. It was interesting to learn more about Camille’s relationship to Magnus and why she’s so important to him. What will happen now that Camille is in the hands of the Clave? Hopefully, she will be granted some mercy; I like her character too much and want to know more about her past.

All in all, “Day of Wrath” was an episode unlike any other, with many stand-out scenes that deserve a special mention. With that said, here are my picks for the Best Five Moments of Shadowhunters episode 2.04, “Day of Wrath.”

Alec Gives Clary a Heat-Sensing Rune

If it isn’t clear by now, Alec and Clary harbor little love for each other. However, if this episode is any indication, they are beginning to find some common ground. In this scene, we see a confused Clary getting surprising advice from Alec regarding the possibility of her moving to Idris. Alec tells her that, if she wants to continue her training, she should remain at the Institute. Undoubtedly, this helps Clary make up her mind at the end of the episode. Aside from this, this scene also features some stunning special effects, because who doesn’t want to see a Shadowhunter use a heat rune?


Aldertree Tortures Raphael for Info

Unsurprisingly, Aldertree is willing to resort to controversial measures to accomplish what he wants, and, in this scene, we see exactly how far he will go. After capturing Raphael, Aldertree subjects him to vicious torture techniques to gain information about Camille’s whereabouts. At first, Raphael is aghast at this overt violation of the Accords. Then, once he realizes that Aldertree intends to follow through with his threats, he braces himself. Luckily, Raphael refuses to share anything and emerges from the ordeal bruised but hardly broken.


Magnus Heals Raphael (And Simon Learns Something About Grave Dirt)

I love this scene because we not only get to see more of Magnus’s magic at work but we also get to see Magnus, Raphael and the ever-loveable Simon interacting with each other. Naturally, there is a bit of bickering that occurs, but, in the process, the trio learns the truth about Camille’s cherished box. As it turns out, it contains grave dirt that can be used to summon her. Quite a handy little thing to have around if you are looking for a rogue vampire, wouldn’t you say?


Lydia Faces-Off Against a Possessed Raj

One of the main obstacles that the characters face in this episode is a smoke demon, an entity that can possess and control anyone that it wants. As I write this, I’m wondering: why haven’t Shadowhunters developed a rune to protect them from possession? Anyway, Lydia finds herself cornered by the demon occupying Raj’s body and has to fight for her life. Let’s just say that the demon is a worthy opponent with more than a few tricks up its sleeve.


Jace is Rescued by an Unwelcome Party

I was torn between including this scene or Jace’s interrogation scene, as both featured pivotal revelations. Ultimately, this one stood out as more important. Rescued from imprisonment in the City of Bones, Jace once again has the opportunity to leave with Valentine and join his cause. However, he chooses to return to the Institute even though he doesn’t fully trust the Clave. Good choice, Jace!


Honorable Mentions

Luke and Jocelyn Plan Their Future Together

If you were thinking that Luke would have a hard time choosing between Jocelyn and his life in New York, think again: he makes it clear in this scene that he is willing to give up his job and his role as pack leader and follow Jocelyn to Idris if need be. What’s going to happen to Luke now that Jocelyn is gone? How will he react? I’m almost dreading the moment that he finds out.


Isabelle Gets Possessed By the Smoke Demon

The demon drama didn’t end with Lydia; Isabelle also finds herself inhabited by the entity, and Alec and Clary have to team up to stop her. Cue epic fight sequence as well as some bottled up resentment! In the end, Isabelle is saved, and the demon is vanquished, but the crew is left dealing with the terrible aftermath.

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