Five Reasons Why I’m TOTALLY #TeamJosh


First off, I have to admit that I am a very new “Younger” viewer. I immediately knew that I needed to watch it after I heard Tamar and Christine from “The Shipping Room” raving on their “Ships I’m Thankful For” episode about how good the show is and how much they adore the love triangle between Liza, Josh, and Charles. I started watching the show and quickly finished it in three days. Honestly, I probably would have finished it faster if I hadn’t had to do real-life things like attend classes and write papers. I think that the show is really that good and it blows my mind at how it is vastly underrated.

But the season three finale aired on Wednesday night and left me with even more feelings than I could have ever imagined, especially about the love triangle. I was so upset about what went down, especially when Josh said, “You were everything to me. I chose you.. but you’re a liar, and a cheater, and whether you realize it or not, your lies are hurting everyone around you.” CUE THE TEARS EVERYONE. MY HEART WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THAT.

Despite the episode not ending on a high note regarding the relationship between Josh and Liza, this episode proved to me that Charles is not even a worthy option (like the only thing he can tell Liza is how “fond” he is of her — UGH). I am without a doubt Team Josh after this episode and here are five reasons why:

  • Josh brings out something in Liza that’s been buried for such a long time. She was in a bad marriage with her ex-husband David and repressed. But it’s not until she meets Josh that she starts to live again and actually enjoy what life has to offer.
  • He has proved himself to be a really good genuine guy that cares about Liza. He’s not just a young, immature boy who doesn’t understand anything. He knows how to support her and be there for her. When the bookstore in Liza’s hometown in Jersey was shutting down, it was Josh who drove her there and sat in the car while she reminisced with her friends and said goodbye to her favorite place. When Liza has a work event to go to, it’s Josh that she brings with her. Even in his own life, Liza is the person Josh wants to share everything with and hates that he has to keep her secret (remember the magazine article?). But, just like the good person he is, he keeps her secret anyway because it matters to her which means it matters to him.
  • Their chemistry is UNBELIEVABLE. LIKE WOW. Those sex scenes are so intense (in a good way) and often leave me without words. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen two people have more chemistry on television than Sutton Foster and Nico Tortorella. For me, it allows the relationship between Liza and Josh to be simply just between two people who love each other and more than just an age difference.
  • He doesn’t care that Liza has a daughter. In fact, I think he’s come to think it’s pretty cool. In the very first episode of season three, he brings doughnuts over to the apartment when Caitlin is on her way to college, trying to show that he wants to be a part of these big life moments. In the very next episode, he offered to help Liza with Caitlin’s tuition if she needed it. Heck, now he even wants to have his own babies with Liza and MARRY HER (!!!!). He clearly is a family-oriented guy and seeks to build that with Liza. I find it endearing every time Josh talks about their possible future family; it melts my heart.
  • Their love is real. This is more than a rebound or Liza having a boy toy. Josh has known it for a lot longer than Liza, but at the end of the season three finale, Liza finally had this epiphany that what they have is real. She realized that all the things she thinks wouldn’t work about their relationship can be worked through or are such minute details that it doesn’t matter. I hope they can work out their problems in Season 4 because this is one my favorite ships in a long time, and I want to see them continue to do life together.


Any Younger fans out there? Are you guys #TeamJosh or #TeamCharles? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. While I agree that during the first season Josh was a good boyfriend, after learning Liza’s secret, he really was not. After learning Liza’s every decision he made was his alone, so when he made the decision to leave her at a party because he didn’t like her lie he was the one who decided to get back together with her knowing that it wasn’t going to change. He also ghosted her the week of the imprint launch, eventually showing up, but still he ignored her for a week. The night they went to karaoke and he got drunk he made fun of her age. He broke up with her when he couldn’t discuss her in the magazine. He cheated on his girlfriend Greta with Liza, yet then got all hypocritical when Liza kissed Charles and threw being a cheater in her face. He didn’t listen to Liza’s wants when she told him she didn’t want more kids, instead told her that she could still have kids at 40. He was going to propose to her because he didn’t want to lose her, which indicates that there are probably more problems in the relationship And then in the season 4 finale, he didn’t beg Liza to come to Ireland, he guilted her by telling her it was her fault he was in the mess he was in. He told his girlfriend of 3 weeks, Liza’s secret ( which she didn’t need to know.) and she used that to blackmail Liza into lying for them. He then ignored Liza while she was in Ireland, and got made at her when she voiced her concerns over lying to immigration. He then, came to her room drunk, professed his so called feelings, yet

  2. He still married Clare. He doesn’t really seem like the supportive guy but more immature than anything. I feel like the writers have really written him into a corner personality wise in the last couple of seasons and unless he does a complete 180, I can’t see him being compatible with Liza anytime in the future.

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