2017 Is Already Shaping Up to be Special for Vans Warped Tour Fans

The Vans Warped Tour has always been a staple in the lives of millennials. America’s longest running touring music festival always brought great talent, new and known, while bringing underground cultures front and center. It was what you saved your allowance for, what you thought about when you were bored in class, and the only thing you had a countdown to once summer came. It was days of seeing your favorite bands play live, baking in the hot summer sun, meeting dozens of cool people, and being surrounded by the music that made you feel truly known. For so many of us, the thought of Warped Tour brings on nostalgia and a wish for simpler times, listening to your favorite bands on a hot summer day.

Vans Warped Tour, Sixthman, and MDDN music management firm have an announcement that has adults and their favorite bands reuniting: Warped Rewind at Sea. Warped Rewind is a floating festival (Warped Tour meets Carnival Cruise), and it debuts October 28, 2017. The ship will be taking 2,300 Warped fans and some of their favorite artists from New Orleans to Cozumel. You can relive your past Warped Tour experiences or finally get the experience you always wanted!

In true Warped fashion, pop-punk favorites, Good Charlotte, will be leading the Halloween weekend revival, reliving all of their best sets from Vans Warped Tour. Benji and Joel Madden will be offering acoustic sets and autographing sessions alongside their expected sets. There will be over fifteen other bands joining them including, Cartel, Simple Plan, Reel Big Fish, and Bowling For Soup.

Other than great music, there will also be tattoo artists, autographing sessions, a Halloween costume contest, and all your favorite bits of Warped culture in a new environment. Of course, there will also be cruise ship staples like 10+ dining experiences, spa treatments, outdoor pools, hot tubs, and 11 different bars and lounges.

If you’re thinking, ‘Oh it’s not until October! I can wait it out,’ know that the first 300 cabins booked get exclusive access to a surprise show with one of their faves and if you book before January 19th you’re gifted a limited edition Warped Rewind at Sea vinyl. Now that we’re all hardworking adults, why not treat yourself to a four-day vacation with your favorite artists and a boat load of new friends? Warped Rewind at Sea is where you need to be Halloween 2017.


Hurry and book your cabin(s) at www.warpedrewindatsea.com!

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