TNWU Weekly Superlatives (November 13th-19th)


Best One-Liner: Arrow

“To be fair, the story Dunn laid out is legit. His conviction in ‘07 could be the basis for “Making a Murder” Season two. – Felicity


Honorable mention: “You changed your pants. That’s one small step for justice.” – Raimy (Frequency)

Most Badass Character: Salem

Mercy Lewis


After two seasons of being used and abused, Mercy seems to really be coming into her own. Not only has she been taking in lost female souls that remind her of herself before witchcraft but she’s also refusing to let the men of Salem continue to have free reign over the land and women’s bodies. She’s controlling one of the most powerful men in Salem and dodging a very persistent nemesis without breaking a sweat. Mercy has been so strong and poised so far this season; I can’t wait to see her tackle this uncharted territory of complete self-reliance. What could be more badass? (Contributed by Danielle Mathias)

Most Lovable Character(s): Girl Meets World

Riley Matthews and Maya Hart


There really isn’t a better best friendship currently on TV than Riley and Maya. During “Girl Meets Hollyworld,” they show just how far they’d go for each other. For example, giving up a kidney, kidnapping (borrowing) a famous actress or hiding from the FBI. Of course, they break the law (handcuff said actress to a radiator) in an adorable, hilarious matter. We’re pretty sure we love these girls ALMOST as much as they love each other.

Biggest Jerk: The Walking Dead



We already knew that Negan wasn’t the best guy on the block, but he proved just how much of a jerk he was in “Service.”  He arrives at the Alexandria Safe Zone earlier than expected and has his loyal followers search every house, taking whatever they want.  When two guns are missing from the armory, he threatens to kill Olivia.  He taunts Rosita.  He makes Rick hold Lucille, the very weapon that was used to kill Abraham and Glenn.  To make him even worse, instead of taking the mattress they had taken back to the Sanctuary, they burn them. This big bad must go down!

Bad Guy/Girl of the Week: Gotham

Captain Barnes finally cracking


After weeks of battling the Alice Tetch disease, Barnes finally cracks under pressure and kills several criminals (literally ripping one man’s head off and throwing another through a building) before going after Jim Gordon. He ends up captured and put in Arkham. (Contributed by Traci-Anne Canada)

Shadiest Character: Arrow

Evelyn Sharp – Arrow


At the very end of “Vigilante,” fans (us included) were SHOCKED to learn that Evelyn and Prometheus have been working together!  How can you play Team Arrow like that girl?!?!

Best Kiss: Van Helsing

Vanessa and Theo


Vanessa (Kelly Overton) and crew are aided by gorgeous Theo (Christopher Russell) and another member of the seemingly serene community of beauty called Eden. Theo is charming, uses a bow like Robin Hood, uses a sword like the Highlander, and has a tear-jerking backstory. He actually makes Vanessa smile, and after a slow build of sexual tension, they finally kiss…and Vanessa bites him… was definitely cold shower time for me! (Contributed by Arlene Allen)

Honorable mention:  Harry and Sebastian (Quantico)

Best Dressed: Teen Wolf

Lydia Martin


Lydia Martin has been known for her sense of fashion since season one, and she didn’t disappoint in the season six premiere.  The floral dress that she wore was perfect for the first day of senior year, and the outfit she wore at the end of the episode didn’t upset, either.  She makes us all envy her wardrobe.

Most Swoon-Worthy Scene: Jane the Virgin


Chapter Forty-Nine

Rogelio tricks Michael and Rafael, which leads to them being stranded with a flat tire and Rafael having to give the literal shirt off his back to the telenovela star. Traffic stops and hearts swoon. (Contributed by Terri Clark)

Biggest OTP Moment: Pitch

Lawson explaining to another team mate why the guy can’t be in love with Ginny


He lists off all of the weird things that Ginny does that other people overlook, like her horrible humming of Katy Perry’s Roar. He can recite so many things about Ginny that even her friend of the past five years didn’t know and it just makes you go awwww.

Most Emotional Scene: You’re the worst

Jimmy proposes to Gretchen and then leaves her


During the Season 3 finale, Jimmy creates a fake murder mystery for Gretchen where he ends up proposing to her (at the scene of the fake crime).  Yes, you read that right. Jimmy proposes to Gretchen.  After (an ecstatic) Gretchen accepts and calls them a family(!), Jimmy says he needs to get a hoodie from his car and ends up driving away. He LEAVES her on the top of the hill alone.  Jimmy Shive-Overly, you truly are the worst.  Cue the tears.

Honorable mention: The moment Stiles realizes his dad doesn’t know who he is. (Teen Wolf)

Most heartbreaking moment: supergirl

When Alex finds out, Maggie Doesn’t Return Her Feelings


It took Alex Danvers awhile to reflect and acknowledge her feelings for NYPD detective Maggie, and then it was harder still to come out to her sister, Kara (Supergirl), and then boldly confess her feelings to Maggie with a kiss – only to have Maggie shatter her heart by telling Alex she was only interested in friendship. Watching tough, but big-hearted Alex completely break down and lose it was just heart-rending.

Honorable mention: Julie confronts Frank about Miracella. (Frequency)

Most Heartfelt Reunion: Supernatural

Jody Mills and the Winchesters


It’s always a heartfelt reunion when the boys get back together with Jody, who has acted as a mother figure in Mary’s stead. At a hunter’s funeral, she’s shocked to meet the lady herself, and in typical Jody fashion doles out love and advice to the Winchesters that helps heal wounds and deepens our already great love for this sheriff. (Contributed by Terri Clark)

Most Heartwarming Moment: American Horror Story: Roanoke

Lee Harris Sacrifices Herself


Lee Harris was the only survivor of My Roanoke Nightmare, but she finally fell victim.  When Flora goes missing and turns up at the Roanoke House, Lee is determined to get her daughter out alive.  Flora has other plans, wanting to sacrifice herself so that she can protect Priscilla from the Butcher.  In an attempt to save Flora, Lee makes a compromise: she’ll die and protect Priscilla.

Honorable mention: Stiles begs Lydia to remember him and declares his love for her just before being ripped out of her arms and memory by the Ghost Riders. (Teen Wolf)

Funniest Scene: Lucifer

The Devil has a comedic and dangerous argument with Dan


Lucifer was faced with a lot of danger in this week’s “Trip to Stabby Town” but one of the most unexpected hilarious moments was when Dan got ahold of Azrael’s blade.  He is overcome with rage at Lucifer, so Lucifer tries to talk him down, and finds out all of Dan’s anger is coming from Lucifer ruining his life by….stealing his pudding snacks.  Lucifer in his defense asks Dan how he could have known it was his and Dan snarls “BECAUSE IT WAS LABELED.”  In all fairness who else has been annoyed when their food disappears from the Department fridge?  This scene was comedy gold, and I think I about cracked a rib from laughing.

Honorable mention: Kids were auditioning for the roles of Dookas, Zed, and Farkle. (Girl Meets World)

Best Buddy Moment: SWEET VICIOUS

Ophelia and Jules


A vigilante superhero duo and best friendship was born when O saves Jules life and accidentally kills the rapist who was attacking her. Their bond is further cemented when they jam out to Defying Gravity post-murder and later realize their car, and the body in its trunk is missing. (Contributed by Terri Clark)

Best Action Scene: Blindspot

Jane vs. Shepherd vs. Roman


Shepherd tells Roman to kill Jane, forcing him to pick a side.  What follows is an incredibly choreographed fight scene involving twists, flips, kicks and punches between the three after Roman chooses to pull the trigger on Sheppard instead.

Honorable mention: Jules stuns with her crime fighting, kick-ass abilities. (Sweet Vicious)

Best Plot-twist: Blindspot

Borden is the Sandstorm mole


After months of teasing a mole within the FBI, fans learned during “Why Let Cooler Pasture Deform” that Borden was the one working for Sandstorm.  It turns out Borden and his wife helped Jane heal after the American government murdered her Navy SEALs team.  While helping Jane recover her strength, Borden and Jane leave his wife unattended, and the United States bombs their town (Borden’s home included).  The death of Borden’s wife causes him to team up with Sandstorm to end all US corruption.

Massive props to Martin Gero and Brendan Gall for having the mole be a character who’s been around since Blindspot’s pilot.

Weirdest Moment: Once Upon a Time

Rumple and the Evil Queen


I still cannot get over them hooking up for the past three episodes. It’s just too weird that I can hardly type this sentence out without being grossed out. (Contributed by Madeline Klepec)

Cutest Moment: Chicago P.D.

Voight offers Burgess a spot on Intelligence


During “A Shot Heard Round the World,” the Intelligence team find out Antonio is leaving to go work with the Assistant State Attorney Peter Stone.  This means a spot in Intelligence is FINALLY available.  After Burgess’ partner, Mike Sorensen quits, the moment we’ve all been waiting for happens.  During Antonio’s going away party Voight offers Burgess Antonio’s spot:

Voight: Well, I got a spot open in Intelligence.

Burgess: (almost spitting out her beer) YES! I hope that’s where you were going with that.

Voight: I’ll see you upstairs Monday morning.

This scene was basically the cutest job offer/job acceptance EVER!

Honorable mention: Kensi asks Deeks to let her look at their engagement ring. (NCIS: LA)

Most Shocking: Grey’s Anatomy

Jo tells Alex the truth


After being called to testify during Alex’s trail, Jo freaks out.  She knows that if she testifies it’ll become public record and her husband will be able to find her.  So she finally tells Alex the truth.  She tells him that she was married before and that her real name is not Jo Wilson.  Jo also tells Alex that she kept this a secret because she was afraid if he knew he’d try to hurt her husband and he’d end up in the jail.  Oh, the irony.  Still not sure if we’re more surprised that it took Jo this long to speak up, or that she finally told Alex the truth?

Most Suspenseful: how to get away with murder

Finding out who was under the sheet


All season HTGAWM teased us about who was under the sheet. At the end of the mid-season finale, we hear a medical examiner discussing the person. There were only two people left unaccounted for Wes and Nate. Then a person walks into the medical examiner’s office, and it is Nate standing there, leaving only Wes to be the one dead. Even worse, we find out he was dead before the fire/explosion in Annalise’s house. (Contributed by Traci-Anne Canada)

Most Terrifying Scene: American Horror Story: Roanoke

“Spirit Chasers” run into more than they bargained for


In the final episode of the season, the story of the Roanoke house continued.  A group of Ghost Hunters, dubbed “Spirit Chasers,” descend upon the house in the hopes of catching evidence of paranormal activity.  Going on the Blood Moon wasn’t such a bright idea, though, and they soon discovered that there is truth behind what the stories told.  Just add a few more ghosts to the list of souls that haunt the property now.

Performer of the Week: Van Helsing

Rukiya Bernard as Doc

Van Helsing - Season 1

Rukiya has given an across the board awesome performance as Doc. When we first see her, she’s a vampire, being kept alive by Axel’s blood. We see her backstory as a compassionate, curious and committed doctor, who did all she could to keep Vanessa alive, barely having time to grieve for her family. We see her as a betrayer of the man who kept her alive, leaving him to die under a horde of vampires. This week we saw her completely wracked with guilt, abandoned by her friends, on her knees begging another vampire to turn her. She’s so dynamic, and you can see all of her emotions play across her face. I look forward to seeing what new level she’s going to take Doc to each week on Van Helsing. (Contributed by Arlene Allen)


That’s it for this week!  Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments and let us know if we missed anything or if there are any categories you would like us to add!  We will see you next week with more Talk Nerdy With Us Weekly TV Superlative Awards!

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