Sarah’s Top Three Heartwarming Moments From Timeless’ “Stranded”


Timeless fans, holy cow that was close! Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus nearly got stranded in 1754 colonial America. Their trips are never boring so after some run-ins in the middle of the French and Indian War they were all too ready to try and “duct tape” the Lifeboat to get home. While I was relieved, they made it back, the possibility of never going home led to some much-needed talks in the past and as it turns out in the present as well. Time travel is always a risk, and everyone was faced with confronting how much they really care about the people we’ve come to know.

And so without further ado, here are my top three heartwarming moments of Stranded!

  1. Tied up by Indians, and possibly facing death Rufus (god bless him) brings up how he dearly misses chocolate covered Twinkies (which I had no idea existed), and honestly wishes he could tell Jiya how he feels about her. Lucy always thought she’d have more time to read to her kids the books her mother did. And Wyatt once told his wife “Relax we got all the time in the world” when she wanted to have a little boy. Their honesty had me tearing up especially after Lucy apologized for what she said about Jessica. She now thinks Wyatt deserves to have his wife back. Wyatt responds by simply reiterating that she deserves to have her sister back.
  2. In the present, Connor tells Jiya a story about how he met Rufus. As a kid, he built a scale model of Chicago with an impressive monorail system at a science fair, and when Connor asked to speak with him, Rufus said he couldn’t be late to pick up his brother. A responsible genius as it were. Jiya, upon meeting Rufus related, he declared they’d never be friends as “I was Star Trek and he was Star Wars” when he saw the Tribble on her desk. We haven’t gotten to spend a lot of time with the characters who stay in the present, but I loved that whatever the secrecy they are forced to deal with from Rittenhouse, what happens to Rufus, Lucy and Wyatt matter outside of the mission.
  3. Sitting in a bar touting their victory of making it home, they read about one of the first sightings of a UFO in colonial America, a spinning ring machine by the French. Their laughter is contagious, and when Lucy hands Rufus a box of Chocodiles, it’s truly a homecoming. Lucy, in a moment of honesty, says she believes they deserve to hear, about her fear of writing the journal that Flynn now uses to try and wreak havoc on history. When you believe in fate, it’s hard to fight the feeling that you can’t change yours. Wyatt brilliantly demonstrates how that’s not as true as it may seem. Making a choice, whether it’s as simple as taking a sip of a drink or refusing to write a journal at the end of the day is still in her hands and hers alone. “So if you’re not happy with the history Flynn has predicted for you, then rewrite it.”

*Honorable Mention: The freaking adorable first kiss between Jiya and Rufus, I can’t wait to see more of these two in the future!


How about you Timeless fans? What are your top moments from Stranded?


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